IEFRAME.DLL Causing Interrupts Cant Remove

  Knife and Easy 21:36 18 Feb 2019


So I recently ran into a problem with my computer where I had no sound and it was running incredibly slowly (after son was messing around on IE) I tried a couple of restarts and that seemed to cure the performance issue but still no sound, so I uninstalled the sound card drivers and did another restart. This time when I logged in the desktop was flashing on and off with system interrupts often making my CPU reach 100% usage. At this stage I tried CHKDSK, SFC, Restore, Recover and a few other tricks and nothing worked or made the slightest difference. In fact, CHKDSK and SFC couldnt actually be done properly due to not having permissions or ability to find the drive, I forget the reasons it stated.

Anyway, I found that the flashing didnt effect task manager and I managed to open appwiz.cpl and uninstall a few things, this ended up slowing down the interupts enough for me to function on my computer and run compmgmt.msc and I found the issue was created largely by IEFRAME.DLL

To fix this I tried to remove IE but it wouldnt let me, going through windows features the tick box is grey and cannot be checked or unchecked. I tried through powershell and that says it isnt actually installed (it is) so now Im stuck. Please help! Oh, also Malwarebytes and Avast find nothing, nor did Kaspersky that was on before the issues.

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