IEEE 1394 Bus host controller problem?

  whatchamacallit 18:07 21 Dec 2004

New Gigabyte Motherboard, (GA-7N400 Pro2)
OS XP Home.
Have installed harddrive`s, Agp, memory, Cdrw,TVcard, all are working fine.

But in device manager, under IEEE bus host controller I have a yellow marker.
(Texas Instrunments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller)
I have looked in properties, under device status
it said This device cannot start.(code10)

This interface came with my Motherboard, have reinstalled driver`s for this device, but still have the little yellow marker.

Your help welcome.

  john-232317 19:52 21 Dec 2004

That is strange cos i have had a similar problem, but mine is listed in network adaptors and has the same device status as yours ;-))

IEEE 1394 is i assume my firewire card which works OK but why is it listed in net adaptors and saying this device cannot start ?

  whatchamacallit 20:13 21 Dec 2004

Thanks for your input, do you have the same motherboard?

  john-232317 20:32 21 Dec 2004

No its an Asrock K7S8XE, I have had the pc for about 5 months now and everything works so forgot about it till i read your post. Perhaps it can only work with a firewire device plugged in and then the yellow mark comes off ;-)) ???
Have yout tried using it ?

  whatchamacallit 21:30 21 Dec 2004

No, I have not tried the interface yet, do not have anything to test it with.

But thanks again.

  ACOLYTE 23:55 21 Dec 2004

Have you checked that the wires are in place ok and pushed on to the pins,mine did the same and when i looked it had come loose fitting the USB2 board,there is alot of things connect and it can get fiddly with a small case.The drivers for it should be on the mobo cd,and you can turn it off in the bios if you need to.

  ACOLYTE 23:58 21 Dec 2004

There is new nforce drivers available from nvidea site version 5.10 i upgraded mine other week.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:03 22 Dec 2004

see if XP finds the IEEE Driver in windows updates.

If thats no use then go in and select the yellow exclamation mark and choose reinstall driver then let it auto search if it want the web also let it search

Also I would check to see which DirectX you have if its running 8.1 update to v9+

  whatchamacallit 02:09 22 Dec 2004

Acolye. Thank you, will download new drives.

Bluestar*. Thanks also, I have reinstalled driver early before I came to the forum, have Directx v9+. will try windows updates.

Thanks again.

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