iedll.exe file corrupt with Ie6 SP1 - Part 2

  Giggle n' Bits 13:30 27 Sep 2003

click here

Thanks to Spikeychris found the above link about this bug/hack within the registry.

But after going to the above link to edit this in the registry I still carn't shift or stop the pop up every time going into Windows or going online.

I understand how to navigate round in the registry but when you Export a file before deleating, this is what I didn't understand.

So how do you "Export" then delete a file in the regestry.

The delete ok but Export a file not ok.

Can someone please help me out to help freind in need out.

  powerless 13:33 27 Sep 2003

File > Export > Choose a name > save

More info. click here

  Giggle n' Bits 21:37 27 Sep 2003

Thanks M8 Powerless, sorry if I seemed a bit thick now I understand what export means ref the Registry. Sorted it (I Hope)

Thanks for the pointer to MS KB article/s!.

I did once have the correct html link for Microsoft KB site but seem to have lost it.

I remember that if you just type/paste in the Link from the address bar it didn't work.

Do you have the or does anyone have the link like which works e.g Powerless html link works !.

Sorry thats if that sounds a bit confusing.

  MAJ 21:58 27 Sep 2003

You can use "Tinyurl" to post those long MKB urls on this forum, Audio~Chip. click here Just paste the longer link in there and it will give you a shaorter link to post. You can also edit those long urls manually to allow them to post on this forum, for example, this link wouldn't display correctly unless I edited it:

http: //;EN-US;129605

to look like this:

http: //

Note I have added a couple of spaces in each of those urls so that they will display.

The first unedited one would look like this if posted:

click here;EN-US;129605

Not very good, but the edited one would look like this:

click here

Much better.

The Tinyurl one with the unedited link inserted, would look like this:

click here

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