IE9,Unable To Open Online Billing Within Their Websites.

  uggly 20:26 22 Jul 2012

My operating system is Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit and the computer is a Dell Studio 540.

I am baffled by this.When I go into my Eon,National Lottery and Argos accounts I can log-in with no problem and navigate freely around these sites.I then went to call up the statements but they no longer open up and I have a blank screen where such statements should be.I have run a full security sweep and it found nothing.I have cleared out all the rubbish via CCleaner and this hasn't helped.I then went and checked with Adobe to make sure I had all the current Air,Flash Player 11,Reader and Shockwave player and all is well.I have recently installed a Kodak ESP C310 printer,Logitech webcam and Logitech Video HD which all work with no problem.I did a system restore to the previous day with no success.I then rolled back to IE7 as I was curious to what would happen and I found I could read the statements within each site with no problem.When I then updated it back to IE9,the same problem with viewing started again.I have reset all my Windows Internet Explorer back to default levels and this hasn't worked either.I also did a Windows Update and there are no items to add.I can still play online games like Bejewelled as well.

Can you help me shed some light on this matter please,and offer me some suggestions as to what might be wrong and how to correct it please?Thank you very much.

  northumbria61 23:11 22 Jul 2012

Something to try.

Please go to Start menu

Type cmd

RIGHT-click on cmd.exe

Pick Run as administrator

Type the following:


(Notice the space after SFC)

Let that scan your system files and check for errors; once it's done, restart the PC and see if the issue persists

  Woolwell 23:21 22 Jul 2012

I have had this happen with IE9 and some sites and have been unable to downnload and read pdf statements. The problem has mostly gone away as the sites have improved their working with IE9. You did not need to go back to IE7 as IE8 would have been better.
The alternative is to use Firefox or Chrome with the difficult sites.

  uggly 08:17 23 Jul 2012


Thank you very much for your kind reply and advice. I'm pleased to say that there is nothing wrong with the cmd.exe file. I'm going to try Woolwells' suggestion now. Thank you though.

  uggly 10:08 23 Jul 2012


Thank you for your kind help.I rolled back to IE8 as recommended but this had the same result as the IE9 - blank pdf pages. I redownloaded IE9 again, and then downloaded Google Chrome. I can now read pdf files for Eon, Lottery, Argos via Chrome. The mystery I'm left with is why, until a few days ago, could I read pdf files in IE9 with no problem. I'm very appreciative of your suggestions and thank you very much for the solution.

  Woolwell 10:13 23 Jul 2012

Possibly a corrupt pdf reader add-on for IE has caused the problem.

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