IE9 not keeping typed URL's

  jonski 18:03 11 Mar 2012

Hi, just recently my internet IE9 doesnt keep typed url's. Ive been into the setting i know of to see if anything ticked or unticked that shouldn`t be but all looks fine. Is there a setting in ie9 that automatically deletes when shutting down explorer...It's becoming a pain having to keep typing in my daily sites or keep adding them to favourites.


  rdave13 18:14 11 Mar 2012

In IE9 click the tool icon and select internet options. Untick the box to delete browsing history on exit.

  rdave13 18:15 11 Mar 2012

Should have added that it is under the general tab.

  jonski 18:17 11 Mar 2012

Hi, its already unticked..

  rdave13 19:10 11 Mar 2012

All I can suggest it to reset IE9. Under internet options and the advanced tab click the reset tab for IE. You'll need to re-apply your addons. I'd do it a few at a time in case it's one of them that's creating the problem.

Your favourites won't be affected.

  jonski 19:16 11 Mar 2012

Ok...will try back soon

  jonski 19:22 11 Mar 2012

rdave. Thanks...That seems to have worked.

  Housten 15:26 12 Mar 2012


Just an idea for you. I have either had that trouble or Ccleaner or similar cleaned out everything in my address bar. So what I have done is to use 'Word' and record ALL the websites I visit [ and, more importantly, wish to keep visiting ] and so when it happens I just open my 'Word' file, copy the address I want and paste it in to the address bar. I thought that was it but you have to remember to press 'Enter' - you then get taken to the site - as normal - and IE9 will keep the address in the address bar drop down menu. By recording the web site address not only do you not have to keep typing it in BUT you have the correct address and don't have to worry what the address should actually be. If I am teaching 'my grandmother to suck eggs' I apologise, but it is just a quick keeper of addresses that I find rather handy.

  jonski 18:11 12 Mar 2012

Thanks Houston, thats one way of doing it...I thought id cracked it yesterday...I reset as instructed and closed down my browser...Hey presto all newly typed urls stayed in there...That was until ive just turned on my pc and theyve all gone again.

  jonski 20:32 12 Mar 2012

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