IE9 link will not work

  symington 10:44 24 Apr 2015

I regularly use two websites to research emigration---they both work independently but there is a link on one to allow a swithch to the other. However,this link does not work--I just get a blank page. I am using IE9 as my prefered browser. My friend uses IE10 and has no problem and neither has Firefox. What is wrong with IE9? I have tried without add-ons and without my antivirus.

Can anyone help?

Thanking you

  lotvic 11:07 24 Apr 2015

Is there a reason you (both) haven't updated your IE9/10 to the latest version IE11? Updating your browsers would seem to be best solution rather than trying to fix a glitch in outdated IE9.

  symington 11:31 24 Apr 2015

Windows vista does not work with IE11

  lotvic 16:44 24 Apr 2015

Oh ok then if you've got Vista perhaps it would be better to just use Firefox as the Browser.

As an afterthought - in IE9 when you get the blank page, try refreshing the page, that sometimes brings up the content.

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