IE9 blurry text

  Terence-326338 16:49 15 Mar 2011

Hi, I have just downloaded IE9. The functions look good but the displayed text is very blurry. I am running Windows 7, 64 bit. Googled my problem and the Microsoft help pages said to click the "clear type" text option in Internet Options/multimedia. Only problem here is that this option is not there! Can anyone help. Thanks.

  iscanut 17:02 15 Mar 2011

Any Help...Extracted from IE9 Help
Enter Type Face as your query.

ClearType: frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some common questions about ClearType.

What is ClearType?
ClearType is a technology for displaying computer fonts so that they appear clear and smooth. ClearType makes on-screen text more detailed and, therefore, easier to read over long periods of time without experiencing eye strain or mental fatigue. It works especially well with LCD devices, including flat-panel monitors, laptops, and smaller hand-held devices.

How do I get ClearType?
ClearType is turned on by default in Windows. If it's turned off for any reason, you can turn it back on.

To turn on ClearType
Click to open the ClearType Text Tuner.

Select the Turn on ClearType check box, click Next, and then follow the steps to tune your text.

On the last page of the tuner, click Finish. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

For ClearType to be effective, you should have a video card and monitor that support a color setting of at least 256 colors. You'll get the best results with High color (24-bit) or Highest color (32-bit) support.

How does it work?
To understand how ClearType works, you should first understand a little bit about on-screen graphics. Screen displays consist of pixels. Pixels also make up the different letter styles in each font.

Every pixel has three parts: Red, blue, and green.

ClearType improves resolution by turning on and off each of the colors in the pixel. Before ClearType, the entire pixel was turned on and off. This tighter control over the red, blue, and green parts of a pixel can increase the clarity on an LCD monitor by up to 300 percent. For more information about screen resolution, see Change screen resolution.

Do I need an LCD or CRT monitor to use ClearType?
You can use either type of monitor. You'll get the most benefit from an LCD monitor because ClearType was made to work with LCD technology, which keeps specific pixels in specific places. ClearType takes advantage of pixels being in a fixed place by turning fractions of the pixel on and off. A CRT monitor doesn’t work in the same way with ClearType because it uses an electron beam to excite, or move around, pixels, instead of keeping them stationary.

Still, you might experience some improvement in clarity when you use ClearType on a CRT monitor because ClearType smooths jagged font edges. This is called antialiasing.

Can I tune ClearType?
Yes. You can use the ClearType Text Tuner to adjust the legibility of on-screen text.

Click to open the ClearType Text Tuner.

Are some fonts optimized for ClearType?
Yes. This version of Windows features new fonts designed to work with ClearType, including Constantia, Cambria, Corbel, Candara, Calibri, and Consolas.

These fonts are located in Fonts in Control Panel.

Click to open Fonts.

  Terence-326338 19:01 16 Mar 2011

Thanks for the reply, but I have checked my clear type fonts and everything is fine apart from IE9. Google Chrome and Firefox are crisp and clear.

  onionskin 01:11 17 Mar 2011

In tools/ Internet options/ Advanced tab - If it's set for GPU rendering, try switching to software rendering, and vice versa.

If you have GPU rendering selected, make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card.

  onionskin 08:48 17 Mar 2011

...Also, check that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

When I installed IE9, the first time I used it text was blurred, then it slowly came in to focus. I'm assuming that it was one of the add-ons which was slowing things down. Try disabling a few at a time and see if you get any improvement. (Tools/ Manage add-ons, click on any that you suspect and a disable button appears, do the same to get an enable button if you want to change back).
The Adobe, Java, Microsoft and your security add-ons are probably OK, start by disabling the ones which are left.

I have two Windows Live ones and an ArcSoft,inc one disabled, one or all were causing problems. I haven't bothered trying to narrow it down.

  Terence-326338 19:51 17 Mar 2011

changed settings to use software rendering and it made things 90% better. Still not perfect, but thanks.

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