IE8 upgrade or wait

  MIKE. 09:34 22 Mar 2009

Should I wait before IE8 has been running for a perioud of time or bite the bullet and download? Problems problems

  Andsome 09:39 22 Mar 2009

It's entirely up to you. Personally, I am happy to let others find the snags, and will wait a while until they are ironed out. Even then, I will make a new mirror image in Acronis before installing it.

  MIKE. 09:41 22 Mar 2009

Yes Andsome I think you have hit the nail on the head excellent idea thsnks.

  iscanut 09:42 22 Mar 2009

You will see from other threads re IE8 that some of us have had no problems at all, others have had a load of hassle and will not use it. It's a personal decision so try it and see but also no harm waiting a while to see how/if/when Microsoft release patches for it.

  MIKE. 09:44 22 Mar 2009

Thanks foe all your help

  sunnystaines 10:06 22 Mar 2009

its a mixed bag some get a rocket others a snail.

may be to do with a software clash somewhere as yet to be sorted.

my vista does not appear to have an uninstall option.

  gazzaho 10:51 22 Mar 2009

I myself had no problem installing or for that matter uninstalling it,although my installation did take a fair time after reboot before arriving at the desktop, displaying a black screen and a small box at the top left informing me of personal settings or similar being made. I had a few small issues that made me uninstall it, perhaps more to do with add on programs than IE8 itself. I also have an acronis backup in place if things go wrong which allows for trying programs out without having to endure a lengthly reinstallation of Vista, updates and programs.

I'm not saying that you'll have problems but others have had installation and worse happen, If you can wait a while it might be best, if not and you have a backup plan in place then try it today.

  mooly 11:08 22 Mar 2009

Gazzaho... how long did you have to wait for the configuring browser box to dissapear,
click here

mine just freezes at this point, all HDD activity stops... left it for ages... nothing

  Forum Editor 11:36 22 Mar 2009

and although I've had a couple of glitches I believe it hasn't been IE 8's fault. I installed the beta of Windows 7 on the same machine, and immediately I ran into a problem with IE8 - it wouldn't allow me to paste a url into the address bar, it just crashed every time.

Now that IE8 has been released for general use I can't install it - I get a message that the software isn't compatible with my operating system.

It looks as if Microsoft has backed me into a blind alley. I can't uninstall IE8 beta, and I can't install the new release until Windows 7 launches in its final form.

  gazzaho 14:44 22 Mar 2009

It took about 3 minutes or so I guess, I thought it had crashed myself but I've learned over the years to leave things for a while before presuming the worst.

Microsoft need to provide a progress meter or similar in situations like this, if I remember rightly updating my old desktop and notebook to XP SP3 also had a long delay during the process giving the impression of a crash. The drive light didn't go out on these occasions though which is always a good indicator the program is still working.

  mooly 18:35 22 Mar 2009

Left mine longer than that. You know it's doom and gloom when the HDD light goes out and stays out. Task manager would open but wouldn't respond and CTR ALT DEL brought the options up, log off shutdown etc but nothinging responded. Tried installing twice... wait now and see what MS say, submitted a request. I'm not reinstalling Vista though !

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