IE8 slows down system - including FireFox

  DieSse 19:35 24 May 2009

I've upgraded to IE8 and back down to IE7 twice now.

I'm becoming convinced that IE8 makes everything slower - Firefox starting - even just opening Explorer to browse files.

Anyone got any comments and/or prepared to try the same thing?

  rawprawn 19:49 24 May 2009

I had similar problems, but managed to cure them.
click here
IE 8 is great now and it doesn't affect FF.

  mgmcc 19:49 24 May 2009

I don't know how 'hungry' IE8 is, but I recall reading that IE7 on its own uses more resources than the entire Windows XP operating system!

>>> even just opening Explorer to browse files.

As Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer are closely integrated within the operating system, a slow running IE8 will also impact on what you do with Windows Explorer.

  DieSse 20:03 24 May 2009

I should add - I don't actually use IE - but I don't want it slowing down the rest of the system either!

Thanks rawprawn - I'm not inclined to think that's the answer - I've never used IEPro, and it's already stripped down to basics.

  citadel 20:19 24 May 2009

I have ie8 and it may be a bit faster than ie7, there is no slowdown of vista 64, cpu 0 to 15% memory 31%, a modern pc can do this stuff easily.

  DieSse 23:46 24 May 2009

citadel - it wasn't intended to be a comment about the relative speed of IE7 and IE8 (should have made that clearer) - as I don't use them, it's irrelevant to me.

The slowdown is not dramatic - it's just slightly, but noticeably, different, and I wondered if anyone else had a similar experience.

My system is far from new - but runs commendably fast for all I do. I've just been surprised at what I think I saw (which is why I repeated it) and wondered whether anyone else had seen a similar effect.

  Stuartli 00:33 25 May 2009

I use Firefox for 95 per cent or more whilst browsing and IE8 occasionally (I also have IETab); it certainly doesn't affect FF's speed in any way which is, in fact, blindingly fast.

Have you nominated FF as your Default browser?

  Muergo 05:42 25 May 2009

I have installed/deleted/installed IE8 three times, it kept asking me to download as if it had not already been downloaded. I also get message frequently that it "has encountered an error and must close". Still not resolved, I use Firefox as default browser.
Cannot find any trace of old programs, Secunia gives me 100%.
My system also goes to "sleep" if not used for a while, and is very slow to get up to speed again, there are no power savers or hibernate modes activated, is this because of IE8?

  DieSse 18:04 28 May 2009

Thanks for trying guys 'n gals. I'll do some more tests when I have time - but close this thread for now.

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