IE8 Screen not staying full size when re-opening

  compumac 18:07 10 Sep 2009

Internet Explorer suddenly decided this afternoon that it did not want to appear full screen at entry. It is OK when you maximise it, or drag to full size and stays that way until you exit.

It does not go to full screen when reopening it.
I have tried dragging it to fill screen, then File/Exit.
I have tried dragging to full screen and clicked on red X to exit.
I have tried the maximise button.
All to no avail. I have searched for threads on this but cannot find an answer.
Anyone please?

  birdface 18:23 10 Sep 2009

Are you using a shortcut key to open Internet Explorer.If so try it from the proper I/E icon and do what you have already done with no success.

Or right click the icon .properties.And across from run Normal Window should be in the dropdown box.

  Quiet Life 18:32 10 Sep 2009

Presumably the bottom right hand zoom shows as a 100%

  compumac 18:37 10 Sep 2009

Got it in one!
I had created a shortcut on the desktop to go directly to BTYahoo. This was the problem. Clicking on the Internet Explorer icon and bingo straight into full screen. - Strange that, the BTYahoo shortcut did function OK previously. I have created another BTYahoo dektop icon and that produced a small screen.
Thanks for that. I shall have to look as to how that came about. Question - Right clicking icon prperties did not display run Normal Window, or am I missing something?

  compumac 19:21 10 Sep 2009

Strange. I find that all of my shortcuts on the desktop that go to web pages - now every one opens in a minimised window. If I use the IE8 icon it produces a full screen and if I minimse that screen to the status bar and then click on any of my desktop web pages I go straight to full screen for those web pages.
Anyone explain that?

  birdface 19:35 10 Sep 2009

It should say run on the left hand side and accross to the right hand side it should say Normal Window in the dropdown box.
Sorry if I confused you.

  compumac 19:38 10 Sep 2009

Web page short cuts on the desktop do not display the same properties as programme icons whch do diplay the properties in respect of Run normal maximised and minimised.

  compumac 20:05 10 Sep 2009

Stranger still
Even the original IE icon now goes to a small screen. - That was ten minutes ago. Now clicking on any desktop icon produces a full screen. I have not done anything except look at the screen. I would like to say I have done something clever.
Any suggestions as to cause?

  Sea Urchin 20:28 10 Sep 2009

In order to get to the Run box suggested by buteman you need to right-click the IE icon in the quick-launch toolbar. Then select Properties, and in the Run box select Maximised - click Apply and OK.

  compumac 21:03 10 Sep 2009

Sea Urchin
Thanks for that. I found where you indicate. Oddly enough everything is running tickety-boo now.

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