IE8 Causing major problems

  mooly 12:58 20 Mar 2009

Two links appeared on IE toolbar, Microsoft update to IE8 now and Yahoo update to IE8.
Downloaded OK, seemed to go OK configuring updates then gets stuck with black screen with cursor only. Box appears.. configuring browser settings, and thats it, cannot get to Windows. Had to do a forced shutdown, nothing responding, could open but not use task manager. Had to do a forced shutdown and boot to safe mode. Opened IE, said IE8 installed and allowed me to configure, now lots of problems. Sidebar "background missing, maximise minimise exit just plain white boxes... system tray just a white rectangle with poor graphics.
Thank goodness for Acronis is all I can say. I didn't think IE8 was released via updates yet !

  mooly 11:13 21 Mar 2009

Tried again today... same result. I find it hard to believe I am the only one having problems like this ? It's just a "normal" as can be Vista installation, that is 99.99% stable fully patched and up to date.
Managed to submit a free support request to MS, and that ran an add on diagnostic/data gathering tool so will see what the outcome is.
If I didn't know how to boot into safe mode, and didn't have an image backup it would be a really serious matter.
So it's Acronis time (again)

  MAJ 11:29 21 Mar 2009

.... or a simple System Restore?

  mooly 12:10 21 Mar 2009

Without any doubt.... Acronis. I want all trace of it removed, back to how it was... which it now is. Phew... Well done Acronis (again)

  DieSse 15:05 21 Mar 2009

"....that is 99.99% stable"

It's the 0.01% that gets you.


  mooly 16:55 21 Mar 2009

"It's the 0.01% that gets you."
It sure is !

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