beautiful 20:10 16 Dec 2011

My email page seems to have altered. When opening an email from the list the page usually open fully. Now an icon appears on the bottom bar, and I have to right click to maximize the window. How can I get back to my previous setting? Martin D Sales

  Woolwell 20:51 16 Dec 2011

I assume that you are using webmail and not something like Thunderbird, Windows Live mail or Thunderbird. It would help if you told us which ISP or which site you look at for your e-mail.

  beautiful 14:26 17 Dec 2011

I use Virgin Media for my ISP (cable), and Outlook Express wworking with XP.

Does this answer your question?

Martin S

  lotvic 17:10 17 Dec 2011

This is the only explanation and cure that I have been able to find. Have a look at how to fix it if you have done similar. "a message had apparently been dragged down to about a one pixel size - then closed. Of course that means from then on messages were still one pixel in size when opened - unless I maximized them. They were there all along - I just couldn't see them"

This is the quoted solution:

1 Open a message (on the taskbar)

2 right click the task button, in the pop up menu click on "size."

3 Use the keyboard arrows to make the message big enough to see. I also had to use "move" in the same way to get it back on my screen.

4 From there I could drag the window out like normal, close it, and now messages open full size.

  beautiful 14:51 19 Dec 2011

Thanks - all sorted

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