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IE7pro and loging onto some websites

  Anon-2432433 23:35 06 Aug 2009

Windows vista IE7 and 8

When trying to log onto Tescofinance I get the message

"We're sorry but the Internet browser you are using is not supported by My accounts. Please use a recent version of Internet Explorer."

This seems to have happened over the past two weeks as I was able to log on towards the end of July.

I have disabled all add-ons in IE7 and 8 except IE7 BHO and can not log on. Disables IE7 BHO and no problems.

Uninstalled and reinstalled IE7pro also going back to previous versions does not solve the problem. Could be a conflict with a vista update not sure. But have found no problems using Windows XP.

Although this is a minor problem I was wandering if any one has had similar problems and found a solution.

  Anon-242098 08:36 07 Aug 2009

its not ie7pro as we get on that site ok with ie8 using ie7pro addon.

  Anon-2432433 12:10 07 Aug 2009

I was unable to find the cause but but was able to resolved the problem by using a backup copy. I will tick as resolved.

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