IE7-yes or no please !

  Enoch 16:34 20 Oct 2006

I currently run XPhome with IE6. I understand that IE7 (not Beta) is now available to be downloaded and installed.

However I keep hearing and reading stories of problems with IE7. As generally speaking, IE6 has given virtually no problems to me.

So I need to know before downloading; is IE7 better than IE6 and worth downloading or should I stick with the tried and tested IE6?

This forum has always resulted in my taking good advice which has either helped me over the years or improved what I already have, so advice is required please, before any action on my part

  rawprawn 16:37 20 Oct 2006

In my opinion a definate Yes, make sure that you disable Firewall & av when downloading. Istallation takes about 15 minutes in total including reboots.

  anskyber 16:38 20 Oct 2006

click here

As an example. The key seems to be to remove or disable any current browser add ons like Google toolbar before loading.

I think its great others may think differently.

  anskyber 16:41 20 Oct 2006
  missjosy 16:42 20 Oct 2006

Download IE7 this morning.It required several tweaks before I had it running my way!
Like you, I was happy with IE6. But IE7 appears to be better with regards to bugs and Phising etc.

PS. In November, MS are making it available for automatic download on all XP udates.(At least, that is how understand the BBC link that I used to dawnload.)

  rdave13 16:42 20 Oct 2006

I agree with rawprawn and anskyber. Prefer it to IE6.

  birdface 16:45 20 Oct 2006

What are you waiting for, Get it done now.You wont regret it, Its a lot quicker than the beta version.

  Technotiger 16:49 20 Oct 2006

I too downloaded today - once people get used to it I think it will be a winner. I like it so far anyway.


  Technotiger 16:51 20 Oct 2006

ps - all I did before installing it was to disabled my anti-virus. No problems.

  wolfie3000 18:56 20 Oct 2006

I must be in the minority as i wont be using IE7,
I prefer IE6 myself and will continue to use it until i need to upgrade to vista.

  chub_tor 19:01 20 Oct 2006

I have used IE7 from the beta versions, this final version is definitely quicker and the tabbed browsing is simple to use. I have now made it my default browser and I will probably retire Firefox.

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