ie7 and homepage button

  jacksony 07:10 18 Feb 2007

I am using ie7 and I have it set so that 3 tabs (3 homepages) open when I launch ie7.

Now, when I click the home button all 3 tabs open up again.

I don't want that. I want ONLY the fist homepage to open up.

Please tell me how I can do that.

  rawprawn 08:19 18 Feb 2007

When you hit the red cross to close down, you should have an IE flash come on screen to check. There should be an arrow "Details" click on that and untick "Open these tabs next time"

  jacksony 08:36 18 Feb 2007

Hi rawprawn

I think your talking about when you use ie7 for the first time after you have installed it. In my case, I have been using it for months, so there is no flash screen when I click the red cross.

I want the 3 tabs to open when I first launch ie but from then on, I want the home button to open only the first tab (it currently opens all 3 again).

I wonder if it possible to do that?

  rawprawn 09:41 18 Feb 2007

Tools/Internet Options/General/Tabs/Tabs Settings/
Warn me when closing multiple tabs. Hope this helps.

  jacksony 09:56 18 Feb 2007

*starts pulling hair out*

No, that's not quite, rawprawn, but thanks anyway.

  rawprawn 10:18 18 Feb 2007

Surely if you tick "Warn me when closing multiple tabs" then hit the cross to shut down you will see the flash screen I described earlier? (you must have more than one tab open for it to appear)

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