ie7 help

  snoopygirl 22:40 02 Feb 2008

hi i have got a yellow triangle at the bottom ofthe page what is it thanks

  ambra4 23:01 02 Feb 2008

"yellow triangle at the bottom of the page"

It would help if you give more information

When you launch IE7

When you visit all web sites or just certain site

Is jave installed

Is IE working ok or you are having other problems

  STREETWORK 23:06 02 Feb 2008

It just reports errors on the page you are viewing, mostly to do with the way the page is written and nothing to worry about...

  snoopygirl 23:06 02 Feb 2008

when i lauch ie7 its there all the time java is installed i think ie7 sometimes i get a message saying ie7 must close

  birdface 09:14 03 Feb 2008

Hi.Either go into IE7 pro add-On.And un-tick Add-Blocker.Or leave add-blocker ticked and go to view.And un-tick Status Bar.That way you don.t see the triangle all the time.

  snoopygirl 16:20 03 Feb 2008

butemon cant find view and untick the status bar can you help please thanks

  Technotiger 16:23 03 Feb 2008

View is the third item across in the menu at the top of the Page.

  Technotiger 16:24 03 Feb 2008

BTW - I use IE6, am guessing it is the same in IE7.

  snoopygirl 16:28 03 Feb 2008

sorry still cant find it

  wee eddie 16:34 03 Feb 2008

put your Cursor over the Yellow Triangle.

Could it be M$ Updates awaiting installation?

  Technotiger 16:40 03 Feb 2008

OK - this should show you how ... click here

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