IE7 freezes before page finishes loading

  Bestselling Author 15:48 05 Jan 2007

Using IE7 this morning fine, then suddenly it began crashing. It would freeze before a page had finished loading before displaying the bland message "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem". It's not possible to close the programme, only through task manager. Tried reinstalling IE7 from Microsoft Website, but IE7 wouldn't let me!

Tried rebotting several times - that didn;t work.

Downloaded Firefox from PC Advisor cover DVD and managed to reinstall IE7 that way, but still get same problem.

Run antivirus software, and adware and spyware programmes and nothing untoward found.

I know IE isn't brilliant but I'm used to using it as are the other users on my pc. I'd rather just use Firefox temprarily until I can fix IE problem. Anyone got any ideas?

  James. 15:59 05 Jan 2007

Have you tried removing IE7 from Control Panel/Add Remove Progammes, which will revert you back to IE6, and then re-installing IE7.

  Joe R 16:03 05 Jan 2007

Bestselling Author,

why not just use firefox permanantly, it is imho head and shoulders above IE.

  Bestselling Author 17:31 05 Jan 2007

Just uninstalled IE7 (didn;t realise that it would leave me with IE6 - I thought it uninstalled the whole programme). IE6 worked fine, but then used it to download IE7 and that worked okay. Ran IE7 for the first time and that produced the same problem.

Think I'll just stick with IE6

  surfmonkey #:@}© 17:50 05 Jan 2007

you computer may respond very slowly and frezese the Phishing Filter checks Webpage contents in Internet Explorer 7
IE7 freezing and going very slow and shutting down
you could try installing the pishing filter patch wortked for me
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  Bestselling Author 12:36 07 Jan 2007

Downloaded phishing filter patch - now IE 7 opens window and closes before page has begun downloading.

  Technotiger 13:17 07 Jan 2007

Hi, I would advise you to stick with IE6. It is what I have had to do after trying IE7 at least three times, but with problems each time.


  Bestselling Author 14:39 07 Jan 2007

My mother sometimes uses my PC and she's not particularly computer savvy, another eason why I'd like to try and stay with IE. However, I've just logged on as her, and IE7 works fine!

Presumably, there must be a programme which only runs when I'm logged on causing a conflict. Not sure how I find out though. Incidentally, if I log on under my name and run IE7, the window open, but closes soon after before a page has a chance to load now!

Very confusing!

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