IE7 & Firefox & listen to BBC radio

  ianeon 03:57 30 Jan 2009

Using my IE7 browser I can listen to the BBC live.
Using my Firefox browser I cannot listen to the BBC live.
Could someone tell me how to get the Firefox browser to accept the BBC.
Thank you for your time - Ian

  laurie53 07:57 30 Jan 2009

Do you get any sort of message or does it just freeze?

Could it be cookies or your default player?

  tullie 08:06 30 Jan 2009

Dont know the answer,but i listen ok with Firefox.It may need a plugin,but it usually tells you if it does.

  ianeon 08:21 30 Jan 2009

Laurie53 - Thank you - the only message I get states "Transferring date from www. bbc." but it never finishes transferring the data.
I can listen to previous days, but not listen live.

tullie - thank you, but I don't think that it is that as I can listen to previous days.

  brundle 09:32 30 Jan 2009

If you're having problems listening live with the IPlayer interface, the problem is Flash. Download the Firefox version, close Firefox, install Flash, open Firefox. click here

  ianeon 15:20 30 Jan 2009

brundle - Thank you for that, but it still doesn't solve the problem

  brundle 12:53 31 Jan 2009

Do you have Realplayer or Realplayer Alternative installed? Does live radio work if you choose Dial Up Modem Version: On?

  Stuartli 13:31 31 Jan 2009

I can use Firefox to listen to BBC Radio (I have the BBC iPlayer installed), although 99 per cent of the time I use my system's Freeview PCI TV card.

  Stuartli 13:33 31 Jan 2009

I'm using the iPlayer right now to listen to Suzy Bogguss on the Bob Harris show:

click here

I've been a big fan of Suzy for nearly 20 years and saw her live in Morecambe in the early 1990s.

  Stuartli 14:02 31 Jan 2009

Just noticed it's live broadcasts you are having problems with.


click here

  Stuartli 14:04 31 Jan 2009


click here

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