IE7 changes Internet shortcut icons on the fly.

  Batch 17:58 22 Nov 2006

Since installing IE7, I've found that some of the icons of my Internet Shortcuts are getting changed on the fly.

Not only is it annoying that Microsoft allows websites to change things that I have specifically set-up (i.e. the icons), but I have the problem that, on the Quick Launch for example, several shortcuts now have the same icon ('cos they point to different parts of the same website). It's no good just changing them back to what I had before as the next time I visit the site they just get overwritten again.

Is there a setting somewhere that I can use to prevent my choice of icon being overriddden?

  Batch 09:16 23 Nov 2006


  Batch 11:29 23 Nov 2006

Thanks for the info.

I would have thought that clearing out the cache (I've run ccleaner and used all the delete options in IE7 and rebooted) should "lose" the favicons and reset the icons to my selection (or some default), but it doesn't.

So although favicons may be the source, the info must get stored elsewhere.

I've tried searching through the registry for any related info. but can't see anything obvious.

  Batch 17:28 24 Nov 2006

That seems to have done the trick!

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