IE7 Buffer Overrun

  Pamy 17:24 19 Oct 2007

Hello everyone, I have done a Win XP repair, and installed all the updates and also installed IE7 again, but I cannot now use it to get onto the net as an error box comes up saying that a "buffer overrun" has been detected and corrupted it and must close. I am now using Firefox but would like to get IE7 working again. I have removed and reinstalled IE7 but it makes no difference. I have run a virus check and nothing has been discovered, can anyone offer any advice to repair this or point me to a site with answer to this problem? Cannot find anything about IE7 buffer overrun on Microsoft site.


  skidzy 21:55 19 Oct 2007

Maybe not a virus but possibly some type of Malware re-registering or corrupting known good Dll's.

Run SAS in safemode click here
also run Spybot SD click here

A few more to try;
asquared click here
Rogueremover click here

Some further advice, click here

  [email protected] 22:00 19 Oct 2007

did you uninstall ie7 before the repair?
click here

  Pamy 22:43 19 Oct 2007

Hi skidzy and *Raven*, I have just been running Spybot S&D & Rogueremover and no problems were found.

I did not/could not remove IE7 before the repair, but I did remove it after when it came up with "buffer overrun " and reinstalled it but problem remains.

  skidzy 22:46 19 Oct 2007

Make sure you run SAS from my above link.

Also run sfc

Clck start and then run and type

sfc /scannow

and enter

note the space between c and /

you may need your xp disc

  Pamy 09:47 20 Oct 2007

Hi skidzy, have done all you suggested, SAS found 14 tracking cookies but having removed them and done sfc /scannow the problem still remains. I will leave thread open in case there are any more suggestions to try. But can you tell me how to now make firefox my default browser

  birdface 11:41 20 Oct 2007

click here same problem.

  Pamy 12:17 20 Oct 2007

Thanks buteman, not quite the same problem "Buffer overrun" error, and my XP is with SP2, but it looks as if I will have to remove IE& then do a repair.

  birdface 14:47 20 Oct 2007

You could try.Control panel.Internet Options and press reset.What happens when You Remove IE7 and go back to IE6 does that work Ok.If removing IE7 from Add Remove, Make sure show up dates is ticked that also removes IE7 updates.Then press remove,If you want to try and install IE7 again. First run C Cleaner then turn off your Firewall and then reinstall IE7.See if it works that way,

  birdface 15:07 20 Oct 2007 here=

  Pamy 16:17 20 Oct 2007

Thanks buteman, ya got it. Reset was the answer.

So simple when ya know a man/woman that can deliver.

Thanks to everyone else for your input, I would have not resolved this problem without you all.

Now just a few minor probs to sort out and if I can't do them myself you can bank on where I will be asking for help.

Thank you all,


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