laurie53 07:22 04 Feb 2007

I have delayed installing IE7 because of various problems which were reported.

However, I haven't noticed anything recently. Have the glitches been ironed out?


  Miros 07:28 04 Feb 2007

I have used it for several weeks now, if there are any problems I'm unaware of them :-)
It's he only browser I use.

  rawprawn 08:50 04 Feb 2007

Like Miros I have been using it for quite a while with no problems. I think it is a vast improvement on IE6.

  Technotiger 08:56 04 Feb 2007

Hi, I still have a minor problem with IE7 not running MSN News Video clips. So I am still using IE6 - but am also now using Firefox2.

  provider 2 09:51 04 Feb 2007

I had some problems with programs that needed web access viz.
Ashampoo WinOptimiser > Internet Area
McAfee Firewall >
Paint.Net > HELP
These were due to incorrect browser settings which arrived with the download
I`ve heard also that some incompatible add-ons caused certain problems.

  Miros 10:12 04 Feb 2007

Try free ZoneAlarm instead of the McAfee firewall. Try free Iobit instead of Ashampoo WinOptimiser click here They don't give me any hassle.
The others not a clue what they are?

  provider 2 10:33 04 Feb 2007

These programs were not the problem. It was the default browser settings in IE 7 that prevented them from working properly. No doubt they would have affected other programs that needed access to the internet also.
I thought it was AOL that was the problem, at first, but no, for once they were blameless!

  birdface 10:36 04 Feb 2007

If you have no problems with IE6 I would leave it a bit longer ,All you have to do is have a look on here every day to see all the problems,A lot of them are directly or indirectly due to upgrading to IE7.If downloaded properly it cuts out some of the risks,Every one is going to download it eventually its just a matter of picking the right time,You always have the option of reverting back to IE6 if you try it and dont like it,There are a few on here that will tell you that they have had no problems at all,Most have us have had small problems that have been easily fixed with help from this site.There have been a few with serious problems and have had to reformat their computers,So the choice is yours,Good luck with your decission.

  provider 2 10:43 04 Feb 2007

Paint.Net is the freebie from Microsoft/Washington(?) University that allows you to fiddle around with photographs or pretend to be an artist.

  provider 2 10:45 04 Feb 2007

`Morning Buteman, the "voice of reason".

  rawprawn 10:46 04 Feb 2007

I can run MSN News Video clips with no problem.

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