IE6 won't open links in new windows...

  Tiercel 19:20 17 Jun 2003

Since Windows ME did an automatic update last week, I've been unable to open any links in new windows from IE6 or Outlook Express, either by left-clicking on the link or by right-clicking and choosing "open in new window". The window opens OK, just displaying part of the calling page as a background, then hangs. The address bar remains blank - it seems the addresses aren't loading somehow. Have ferreted & tweaked in Internet Options til I'm blue in the face - no joy. One advantage is that pop-ups won't load either, but it's getting a bit frustrating now. Anyone got any advice?

  VoG® 19:23 17 Jun 2003


Copy this, paste into address bar, remove the space after // and click Go.

Follow the instructions.

  powerless 20:05 17 Jun 2003

There must something about, seems this is happening evey other day.

  Tiercel 21:38 18 Jun 2003

Thanks, VoG - followed all the instructions but nothing worked, so tried to re-install IE6 and discovered my copy of Windows ME is by now so corrupted that there's nothing left for it but to wipe my hard drive & start again. Apparently the kids have been unable to install anything since this "update" and most of their games won't run. Tried to "restore" but that's not working either... Oh well, it's a good chance to clear the machine of months of accumulated rubbish, I suppose...

  Arnold-230445 20:58 07 Jul 2003

I had this problem with o/s ME and ie6 I went to start/settings/control panel/add/remove programmes
highlight microsoft IE6, left click remove, and you get a repair window open, click repair and ok, restart pc when prompted. I found this worked first time for me I hope it works for you as well

  powerless 21:00 07 Jul 2003

Thats it, i've had enough!

  Megatyte 22:34 07 Jul 2003



  plectrum 22:55 07 Jul 2003

Had identical problem with win '98 SE a few months back, eventually found this advice on another forum which worked for me.
"Find an older version of oleaut32.dll in the MDAC_IE5.CAB file in your Windows Updates directory. Extract it to a directory that you can easily find when you use DOS. If you start your PC in MS Dos mode and replace your dll file with this older version dated 03/08/1999 then that should fix all problems."
I note that your using win ME, so I don't know for sure that this will help, maybe worth a try. I also got the problem after an update.

  Tiercel 21:48 10 Jul 2003

Thanks everyone - oddly before I reinstalled, Windows "detected a problem" and decided to repair itself! Bizarre...

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