IE6 + SP1 + W98SE = Nightmare?

  J Bear 19:57 04 Jul 2003

Anyone have any bad experiences of SP1 for Internet Explorer on W98SE? I've put off installing it because everything works on my system (touches wood). Unfortunately, my bank has recommended that I upgrade because W98 will no longer be supported by Microsoft.

  Valvegrid 20:06 04 Jul 2003

IE6 works perfectly OK with Windows 98SE. Free support from Microsoft for Windows 98 ended on 30th June.

  wee eddie 20:13 04 Jul 2003

I may be shot down in flames here - so here goes.

"because W98 will no longer be supported by Microsoft"

What this means is that there will be no further upgrades or fixes, but then there haven't been any for quite a while anyway.

The '98 site will still be there, for if you need to reload and reinstall all the upgrades etc.

I run '98 and XP and would still be running '95 if I had not given the computer to one of my staff's kids. The only reason you might need to upgrade is if you intend to install software or equipment that is not backward compatible. XP certainly is not, and will make much of your old bits unusable, long before their time.

Tell us what the bad experience is. The probability is that some of us may already have been there and a relatively simple fix may be available.

  Valvegrid 20:28 04 Jul 2003

click here;[LN];LifeAn1

  Valvegrid 20:30 04 Jul 2003

All I said was it wouldn't be supported by Microsoft, not that it wouldn't work.

Remove the space after the http:// and cut and paste.


  wee eddie 22:43 04 Jul 2003

Just those that have been put into some sort of "must upgrade Panic" because they have interpreted what they read literally.

Rather in the same way as I panicked when I read

"You have performed an illegal operation"

I was not on the web and had never read PCA, so I rang my favourite geek. He's been reminding me of it for years and says I still know very little more.

  Valvegrid 22:59 04 Jul 2003

That's alright, I understand, it's probably what microsoft would like you to do, upgrade. It's not made easy trying to find the life support on the Microsoft site, also it's written in no known language.



  Patr100 23:18 04 Jul 2003

In the past when I have used it, I have had problems with IE6 on 98se, which did not occur with 5.5 - and stopped using it and I returned to 5.5.
As an online CC account I like to use requires 6.0 I have been using it since a recent full reformat and Windows reinstall- so far OK.

It's not so much whether MS will support it but that the banks increasingly insist on the encryption that 6.0 provides (the security update for 5.5 didn't work for me either)

  Nosmas 23:37 04 Jul 2003

I too had a message from my (Internet) bank - First Direct - but it did not say Microsoft were no longer supporting W98. The reason they recommended upgrading to IE6 SP1 was because later in the year they will be renewing their security certificate which guarantees the authenticity of a secure website, and to ensure compatibility, customers need to be using the latest browser.

The message stated that Microsoft were removing the option to download IE6 as of 30/06/03 for users of Windows 98, 98SE and NT4, and as of 31/12/03 for Windows ME. The message gave the address for the download as click here and having just checked, the download still seems to be available form that site. It should be noted that SP1 is automatically included in the download. Also the download process will automatically upgrade Outlook Express to v6.0.

Apart from enhanced security features I found that in OE, the setting for "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus" was automatically enabled, with the result that attachments to any emails received after the upgrade could not be opened. To disable the setting click on Tools > Options > Security and "un-tick" the box BEFORE downloading any emails.

  faichfolds 23:40 04 Jul 2003

FAct of the matter is that 98SE edition is still a superior OS to XP, having used both.
For stability and combatability 98SE is still the best option.

Microsoft is only withdrawing support to get people to upgrade unecessarily.

98SE is upto the tasks of all modern uses, and to be honest XP takes the fun out of computing because it takes too much control of your system.

In 18 months time a new windows version will be out, just as Microsoft are getting XP working as it should.

Methinks they should spend more time in research and development!!

  VoG II 23:48 04 Jul 2003

Sorry, have to disagree entirely. XP is the most stable OS that Microsoft have produced to date.

Of course you can stick to 98 if you wish to but in the context of this question you should upgrade to IE6 and get all the security updates.

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