porci 17:46 16 Nov 2003

Can anyone tell me what the real benefits of loading SP1 are. Very briefly and in terms of security. Also, do you have to be online to install this? Can it not be copied onto cd after using broadband and then installed on a dialup modem laptop

  Jester2K II 17:58 16 Nov 2003

Download from click here and burn to CD.

  porci 18:01 16 Nov 2003

I am looking for IE6 sp1 explanations not xp, but thx anyway

  velodrome 18:12 16 Nov 2003

follow jester2K11's instructions to "click here" then click on "software patch" then click on "IE6 SP1"

  Jester2K II 18:14 16 Nov 2003

click here

Download the little file - then this click here will show you how to download the whole lot for burning to CD.


  porci 18:15 16 Nov 2003

Ok, cool, but you still have to be online:
IE6 is delivered by 'active' setup. Download the small file (ie6setup.exe), then double-click on it to select which components you want from the IE6 package - it will then start to download these components. You can run this file at anytime - so if your current connection is slow or the server is a little overloaded, it may be worthwhile running the program at a later date. If you want to download IE6, the best procedure is to download the setup file, backup your system and data files and then run the setup to begin the full download and setup.

I am trying to find a way to avoid this

  Jester2K II 18:17 16 Nov 2003

Also click here

  Jester2K II 18:18 16 Nov 2003

Also look on any PC Cover Disk - most will have a copy of IE6 SP1 on it...

  porci 18:30 16 Nov 2003

Thanks to all especially the links from Jester. Now my all I want answered, which is what I cannot find anywhere, is it necesary to install SP1 from a security perspective? It doesnt really say much about anything anywhere

  canard 19:10 16 Nov 2003

As it's to patch vulnerabilities- yes. There are patches to add to it to deal with the infinity of holes Mr Gates has incorporated in his otherwise excellent software.

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