IE6 Problem in XP

  GJM 10:09 03 Mar 2003

My problem is that if I am running IE6 if I have used my email and then go into IE6 to browse the web it does not always load the pages or loads very slowly. I also get this problem if I have visited several sites. If I reboot the machine and clear cookies and intertnet files all is well for a while but the problem keeps re-occuring. I have tried various settings but nothing seems to resolve this problem.

Any Ideas


  MAJ 10:17 03 Mar 2003

Because you say that clearing your Internet files cures it temporarily, I wonder what you have your Internet Files settings at. Check in IE > Tools > Internet Options > General tab > Temporary Internet Files section > Settings button > Amount of disk space to use.

  MAJ 10:46 03 Mar 2003

via email:

"My Settings are 5151MB in the settings tab"

That's not the problem then, GJM. You have enough space set, way too much in fact, a possible 5GB of temporary internet files is a little excessive, but that's a different argument.

When replying, GJM, try to keep it on the forum, rather than emailing. That way others, more capable than me, can try to help. It helps them if they know what's been tried already.

  powerless 10:50 03 Mar 2003

Reduce that amount to say 4MB.

When you are surfing your computer will look at the temproray file and see if theres a page alrady there. If the folder where all this is kept is big, it take a sometime to search the folder = slow surfing.

If you reduce it dosnt have to look far and will download the page quicker.

  MAJ 11:13 03 Mar 2003

Did that solve the problem, GJM? It helps to know.

  MAJ 16:57 03 Mar 2003

Via email:

"Yes it seems to be working much better now many thanks


Thanks GJM, chalk another one up to Powerless.

  Gaz 25 18:24 03 Mar 2003

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