IE6 Problem downloading

  Migwell 00:34 24 Oct 2003

I can dial into my ISP, my computer tells me my connection is 44.5 then IE6 opens up and I wait for the indecator on the bottom (thats the one with the little green marks) to complete. It only gets as far as 4 little green dots then stops. What is wrong? I have re installed IE6 Ihave run the repair on Win XP all to ne avail can someone help it's driving me daft.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:45 24 Oct 2003

I would if you have the Windows CD uninstall the TCP/IP etc and reinstall them.

  john-232317 07:54 24 Oct 2003

Who is your ISP, is it NTL ?.

I think they think IE6 is not compatable with NTL and do not give support on it, only support up to IE 5.5.

Have you just upgraded to 6 ?

  Migwell 22:07 24 Oct 2003

The op system is XP Pro
The ISP is
The IE6 has been on the computer since it first came out, and has worked until last weekend.

I am using my other drive to get me on the net.

The setup is that I have 4 hard drives on my computer.

C:\ is the main one and is a 60 Gig
D:\ is another drive of 8 Gig that I can switch over to on my BIOS boot up in case I ever loose the access to windows etc on C:\. this means that I can boot from this drive and then reach my latest data files so I don't loose them at this point.

E:\ is there for back ups of C:\My documents

F:\ is there for downloading things onto sutch as the latest drivers for printers etc. which can then be installed onto C:\ as & when needed
After that you find CD & DVD drives

I have an old hard drive which has the same things on it and it gets me into Evesham and the pages load as normal. When I switch back to my proper hard drive with all my usual things on it I dial into the ISP and on loading or attempting to IE6 will go no further than the four green dots even after ten minutes. I therefore conclude that there must be a fault some ware on the C:\ drive that is stopping me opening the first page & subsequent pages on the net.

  Migwell 23:02 24 Oct 2003


  john-232317 14:23 25 Oct 2003

Not a lot of help, but if one drive loads it ok, and the setting are exactly the same on the other drive, surely that should load it also ?

Two harddrives, two copies of XP, two copies of IE6, i know it should not be a problem, but maybe its getting confused with the paths to IE somehow ?

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