IE6 and Outlook Express

  dkls04736 17:47 15 Jan 2005

Can someone advise me why both these take a long time to start up. It never used to be the case. I recognise that I do have a number of programmes in the system that could be the reason, but I think its also to do with bugs in the system that need to be cleared out. Most of the cleaners on the market will do a free scan, but anything after that you have to apply for a code to continue cleaning. Is there anything absolutely free that can cure this problem, once and for all.

  VoG II 17:49 15 Jan 2005
  Stuartli 17:58 15 Jan 2005

The Number 116 issue of PC Advisor just issued has an Internet Security Suite on the cover disk, but not had a chance to study its contents yet.

  dkls04736 11:32 25 Jan 2005

Despite having cleaning programmes galore to sort the sluggishness of IE6 and Outlook Express, none of them has sorted the problem. It seems to take an age for both not only to start up, but also recall as and when required. Any further ideas please. It never used to be like this. Both could operate within nano seconds in months gone by.-(

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