IE6, not seeing some pix & links, maybe Java

  wint 19:29 15 Jun 2006

Evesham desktop PC, 3200 Athlon, 1 GB RAM, XP Pro (with SP2). Zone Alarm firewall and running through a Netgear DG835GT router with built in firewall.

On some websites such as ebay, I can only see half of the pictures posted on the site, the others have an "i" logo and the message "You are not authorised to view this page. You might not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials you supplied."

Another couple of sites I regularly visit which display problems are click here the links page show only the links to Customs & Excise phone numbers down to the "plog" downloads, but no graphic links. Interestingly, the weather page and webcam display properly (I believe they are Java). The other website I have problems with is o2, click here and the bill download page which instead of letting me save a .csv file, shows me a, not properly formatted, with all data in one column (instead of 6 or 7).

Our other desktop, XP home with SP2 and laptop, XP Pro and SP2 both display all websites properly. I can't see any settings which are different....

Any ideas?

This is not a new problem but has been since new, 18 months ago. Annoying rather than a major thing.

  brundle 19:57 15 Jun 2006

Do the sites display properly using Firefox? click here

  alB 20:49 15 Jun 2006

You can check to see if your java is running ok at click here may not fix your problem but it might help to narrow it down ...alB

  wint 22:34 15 Jun 2006

Thanks alB, the Java test applet worked fine so Jav is ok (and latest version).

brundle, didn't mention in original post, I have tried Firefox and the sites do display properly, unfortunately it messes up the network/internet settings!

With Firefox installed, I can't get either network or internet working without re-configuring each time we open a connection.

All returns to normal once Firefox is un-installed! Again, only on this machine, the other two happily run IE6 and Firefox. Our Medion (older desktop) also runs Opera without complaining.

I can't think what, but perhaps there is something odd with the Evesham setup? Brilliant machine apart from that. Must chase them up again & see if they can think of anything.

  brundle 22:47 15 Jun 2006

Firefox shouldn't upset any network settings - very odd situation.

  wint 09:46 19 Jun 2006

I will just see if anyone has any suggestions.


  wint 18:05 03 Jul 2006

After loads of messing, it turned out to be Zone Alarm. Now dumped and McAfee purchased. All's fine.

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