IE6 Incomplete start-up

  [DELETED] 18:19 06 Sep 2003

This one's been bugging me for a while now.

When I start IE6 (Win98SE), sometimes the window freezes before the meaty bits are put on, i.e. there are no menu bar items, no toolbar icons, no text anywhere, and the hourglass stays forever.

If I Ctrl-Alt-Del, it tells me IE has stopped responding, so I end the task, and re-start IE.

9 times out of 10 IE then starts up correctly, although occasionally a third attempt is needed.

I've trawled through all the posts in here about IE lock-ups etc., and searched through MSKB for related info, but the majority of 'fixes' refer to "new" pages not opening from links, not IE not starting up properly.

I've tried the usual fixes, IE Repair, q281679 (thanks VoG), empty caches, histories, downloaded program files, etc. etc., but its a persistent liggle butter !

If anyone can point me to a proper fix for this I'll go out and celebrate my forthcoming lottery win !

PS. I run AVG(free), SPF, AdSubtract. All these were on here before problem started.


  [DELETED] 19:48 06 Sep 2003


  [DELETED] 19:56 06 Sep 2003

have you tried a SFC check? you have tried the usual fixes, IE Repair. Have you tried taking the other option to revert back to IE 5.5 to see if there is any change? (Before reinstalling IE6 )

  [DELETED] 22:30 06 Sep 2003

Thanks JIM thats an option not considered, but could be worth a try. SFC check hasn't shown up anything I could positively identify as being IE.

In the meantime, for this online session, and for the first time, I thought I'd just wait and see what happened without ending the task.

Anyway after about 30 seconds or so I got the error window "Internet Explorer cannot find..." ...a desktop url I made the other day to bring me straight in here ? That link I always use.

Anyway I OK'd that, then after about another 2 minutes the IE6 window started to work and the link brought me in here OK, and here I am, if you get the drift.

So I think I'll start over and search MSKB for "IE takes a long time to start" instead of "hung".

I do remember reading something along these lines, and it led me to the registry - something to do with "mruStreams" if I remember correctly. I'll have to go find this again. What I do remember though is that the registry modiications seemed to cure the problem, and I was over the moon, but the next day or two it came back again.


  [DELETED] 20:00 08 Sep 2003

Please how is IE repaired and how to revert to IE5.5

  [DELETED] 23:17 08 Sep 2003

This for W98, others may be different.

Go to Start - Settings - Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs.

Scroll down to Microsoft Internet Explorer...

Click Add/Remove - a new window pops up with the repair option.


  [DELETED] 00:40 09 Sep 2003

Thankyou daba.

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