IE6, Firefox and CSS help, please

  TED1 18:48 09 Feb 2005

As I am new to HTML, could anyone please help. I have created a simple web site using HTML, and a cascading style sheet. Now it works OK in IE6, but the layout and Font are, different in Firefox. What am I doing wrong?

  Handy Spinner 19:03 09 Feb 2005

Can you give a link? We'll probably need that to diagnose the problem.

Oh, and well done for checking your site in another browser. ;)

  TED1 21:48 09 Feb 2005

This is the address click here

thanks for the help.

  Talented Monkey 22:26 09 Feb 2005

on glaringly obvious mistake through out the CSS is you have = ( equal signs ) instead of : ( colon). you also put double quotes around values where its not needed. only time you need "" around a value is when delacring a string or name such as a fotn name or an adress to a container image.

there are a also a few missing ; at end of lines and with color you really should have # infornt of value

you have the following code for H1

H1 {
font-family ="Accord Light SF";
TEXT-ALIGN :"center" ;
COLOR ="9999ff";
font-size ="xx-large";
font-weight ="500"


IT should be
H1 {
font-family : "Accord Light SF";
TEXT-ALIGN : center ;
COLOR : #9999ff;
font-size : xx-large;
font-weight : 500;


Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE drop the frames. this will not help you in your design! reason why frames are horrid have been mentioned amny a time, you, and your visitors will be far better off without them.

this is a good tutorial to read through to help with CSS> click here

ok change all those errors and see where we get to!

  Talented Monkey 22:39 09 Feb 2005

Where on earth did i get te idea of putting font names and so on in "" ?!?!?!?!??!?!? disregard that order! darn im goign to have to stop replying when im half asleep and been ont he booze.

  Talented Monkey 22:45 09 Feb 2005

ill get it right in a minute

ok For font names that require more than one word need the "" single words dont EG>>
font-family: monaco, "Courier New", courier ;

  Nyck 22:55 09 Feb 2005

Here are a few more minor typos.

You've got two closing head tags i.e </head>

Also the dog2.jpg image should be within the body elements although you've no closing body tag at the end of the document.

You don't need to put the title within h1 tags. It should simply be within the head tags.

You're second paragraph and the h4 heading are'nt closed off.

Finally check all your attributes eg hspace have their values in "" and have the correct units.

Good luck

  Taran 01:21 10 Feb 2005

Your choice of font may well trip things up.

I suggest using Verdana, my all time favourite web page font. It displays reliably on pretty much all browsers and all operating systems and looks great.

Have a look here: click here

I've reworked your CSS file and set the errors to rights (I hope) ;o)

When you specify a foreground colour (font colour) you should really also specify a background colour, even if you use the code I've used to set it transparent.

CSS offers a very great deal, but it takes a bit of getting used to to get the best out of it.

If you have any questions, just ask.

  TED1 10:03 10 Feb 2005

thank you all very much. I spent three years studying a HND in computing, and couldnt get my head around HTML and web design, mainly due to the poor teaching, and my lack of ability.But in three days, with a HTML book, the t'internet, and your help, I have a tangable, working site. Sorry for the poor use of HTML conventions but each site/book seems to contradict themselves, but I will take on board your suggestions, and be back for more help, I'm sure.

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