IE6 + DUN Problem

  DAGO49 10:08 31 Mar 2003

Hi Guys, I set the DUN to 'always dial my default'
then when i am disconnected after 2 hours it has changed to 'Never dial a connection' Is this something to do wiyh freeserve not allowing auto re-connect or is it some other problem. I am using IE6 on Win98. any help appreciated. thanks


  Lú-tzé 15:08 31 Mar 2003

I think that when you connect you will then need to manually disconnect before the two hours are up, and then it should keep the setting. If it autodisconnects after your two hours are up, it will not save your settings.

  Stuartli 15:13 31 Mar 2003

There is no reason why you should lose Always dial my Default after being disconnected automatically.

Try setting this default again, ensuring that OK is clicked whilst (if you have more than one dialup account) your default number/account is selected.

  spikeychris 15:30 31 Mar 2003

A third party programme could be resetting your dial up connection. Do a complete inventory of anything that is internet related or which may require a connection and disable all.

Also go to click here and download AdAware. Get the latest signature as well then run it over your system - see if there is any spyware that may be wanting to dial home.

Spybot, again is a free programme which can be downloaded from:

click here

Also, some ISP supplied connectoids (IBM being one) insist on specific settings. In such cases there is nothing you can do.

tsadbot.exe caused exactly this problem. It is a programme that is used to generate advertising on your computer, and is installed by shareware programmes.

Your dialup settings may also change if you have Norton Anti-Virus with the Auto-Protect turned on. If this applies to you, turn off the Auto-protect and set it to scan program files only.


  Stuartli 19:50 05 Apr 2003

I've been having problems logging on to Tiscali for weeks now.

Checked everything throughly - all fine. Got several helpful replies from Tiscali's e-mail support service, all of which suggested what I had already checked except for one small detail.

That was the fact that Tiscali now adds two commas after the 1470 initial part of the dialup number.

That worked (mostly) but still couldn't get on occasinally until after several attempts, nor access some websites such as this one!

I've just tried the last throw of the dice and disabled Automatically Detect Settings from DialupPanel>Settings>Default ISP>Properties and this seems to have worked...:-)

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