IE6 doesnt do what it says

  Nick161 19:17 28 Nov 2004

IE6 (according to the help files and the Microsoft knowledge base articles I've read) should enable one to read selected web pages offline. But although I use Add To Favourites, plus Make Available Offline, plus Synchronize, I often find that they are NOT available later on after I have disconnected from the web!! This happens on more than one computer, and both Win98 & WinXP. I know that Temporary Internet Files and History are NOT timing out or being cleared on disconnect or anything.
So why won't it work?! Probably an old chestnut, but it's driving me mad!!!

  Eastender 20:46 28 Nov 2004

Have you tried 'File' > 'Work Offline' ?

  JIM 21:11 28 Nov 2004

How does Work Offline react if you are connected and then select Work Offline? Just curious at this time.

  Eastender 22:27 28 Nov 2004

If 'Work Offline' is selected then an Online page is selected, a box will inform you that you are Offline and give you the option to go Online.

  Nick161 00:52 29 Nov 2004

Thanks guys, but that's not it. The whole point is that when one returns (Offline) to IE later on, it just won't bring up the items one arranged to be available offline - i.e. it doesn't do what it says on the tin - or at least it only works for some of the items. Have to go now, will report further tomorrow.

  Nick161 20:35 29 Nov 2004

I've realised, from reading other threads, that a useful alternative is File/Save As, for keeping web pages that one is interested in. Is this what most people resort to?
Nevertheless it is annoying that 'make favorite available offline' will sometimes work and sometimes not. Is it because some web pages have an internal setting that prevents them being made available offline?
If so, it seems to happen with pretty ordinary pages (e.g. some BBC ones)!

  JIM 22:17 30 Nov 2004

when you say some BBC ones.I save them to a mini disk for future reference.Find it handy.

  Nick161 12:27 02 Dec 2004

Another good idea I shall follow. Seems obvious really, but when frustrated by these things one doesn't seem to think straight!
Why isn't this difficulty with making web pages available offline documented more widely?!!

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