IE6 Can not open PC Advisor Forums Page

  David4637 14:58 24 Oct 2010

I log on to PC Advisor every day.
In the last 3 days IE 6 XP SP2 says it can not open the welcome page, have PCA changed their web page, such that IE6 wont open with this message,and says operation aborted.
Can I change the security/script in IE6 to get it to open?
I tried IE7 a while ago but had problems with that.
Thanks David

  David4637 15:00 24 Oct 2010

PS If I press ESC late in the page opening it works, but this is not on for the long term.
Thanks David

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:36 24 Oct 2010

You really should update IE from 6 to 8 if only for the increase protection due to the security holes in 6 and 7.

  961 19:15 24 Oct 2010

Change to either IE8 or Mozilla Firefox

You won't be able to download IE7 now as that has been replaced by IE8.

IE8 is secure, stable and reliable. I don't think you'll have trouble with it

Why not have a try?

As Fruit Bat says IE6 is no longer secure or recommended

Is your computer set to get security updates automatically from Microsoft?

As I understand it, Windows XP SP2 is no longer being supported and you should download the SP3 update to Windows XP to continue to get security updates from Microsoft until 2014

Why not log on to the Windows update site and see what updates are available to you?

  David4637 20:44 25 Oct 2010

1. I am on dial up so windows update is not on. I have IE7 on a stick, but that had problems when I installed some time ago. A lot of people had/have had probs with IE8. I suppose I could try it but am not very keen. I have ATI which means I could return to IE6 if necessary.
2. Any ideas why IE6 won't open PCA Forum and gives an error message - THIS HAS ONLY HAPPENED IN LAST 3 DAYS?
Thanks David

  Strawballs 22:49 25 Oct 2010

I'm at work at the moment and they use IE6 here apart from a slight problem with consumerwatch the otherday it works fine.

  Simsy 08:15 26 Oct 2010

to be a bit of a problem...

On one of the PCs we use at work the same thing is happening. First discovered it with Google maps, (which we use a lot), and it's also happening, just on that PC, with this site!

The really perplexing thing is that even though it is just that PC, (no matter who logs in the problem is there, and it doesn't follow the person to another PC), the problem has persisted even after restoring a ghost image from way, way back!

Our IT folk are still investigating!



  Simsy 08:21 26 Oct 2010

that a couple of things I've heard/read mentioned as being the source of the problem are some sort of malware, (virus etc... but that doesn't ring true to me),...

or a problem with java and/or javascript. A suggestion was that the problem is in the page code, and if the script was moved further down the source code, all would be well. If that does prove to be the reason then it would seem to be a site problem... I'm note sure that quite rings true either!

(IE 7 on our work PCs by the way)



  birdface 09:52 26 Oct 2010

To change Security script.

Tools.Internet Options.
Custom level.
Scroll down to Active scripting and disable it.
Apply Ok.
You should find pages will open twice as quick.
I have to do that particularly on PCA where pages take ages to open.
Just reverse it if it does not make any difference.
With it running all I get is a lot of script errors with it switched off I get none.
If you have java downloaded make sure you have the latest version and remove all old versions.

  David4637 12:24 26 Oct 2010

Thanks all, will consider your replies and report back.
Thanks again David

  Jwbjnwolf 21:21 26 Oct 2010

I would recommend going with firefox
If you run xp ie8 should work but I do recommend getting a newer web browser as you will be a lot more secure.
P.S-If you are running xp please upgrade to ie8 or get firefox because in the days of ie5/ie6 xp had big security problems with ie

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