IE6 Autocomplete

  hoverman 15:08 12 Feb 2003

Can anyone explain the difference between the Autocomplete option under the Content tab, and the 'Use inline Autocomplete' option under the Advanced tab?

Back last year I had a problem clearing a couple of URL's associated with autocomplete which referred to my bank. Some of you might recall my thread at the time. Despite clearing all history and web content these would keep popping up in the drop-down box whenever I typed the first w of www in the Run command bar. Since then I have bought a new PC and it has started happening again, but this time I have 7 URLs which will not clear no matter what I do - one for eBay and the other 6 for the PC Advisor Forum. Even Micosoft support could not explain why it was happening last year. It is not a problem, just annoying that I cannot find the reason. Has anyone else experienced this?

  hoverman 15:26 12 Feb 2003

I should further explain: With Autocomplete turned on, when I go to Start/Run the box for typing the command in is empty, as too is the drop-down box when I click on the down arrow on the RH side. It is only when I type the first w that the 7 ULRs appear in the drop-down box. Very strange!!

  watchful 15:38 12 Feb 2003

My start run box only has msconfig. in the box and it doesn't store anything else.
From your description above the 'Use inline Autocomplete' option on mine is unchecked.
Don't know if this explains the difference.

  hoverman 15:48 12 Feb 2003

Thanks for your reply. I also have the 'Use inline Autocomplete' unchecked. After I posted my thread I went to Start/Run and when I typed w I found I had 10 ULR's referring to the PC Advisor Forum. I then cleared the History under the Explorer General tab and found that 4 of these had gone leaving me with the 6 that won't. This is with Autocomplete for Web Addresses checked under the Content tab. If I uncheck this one the URLs do not appear - as expected. If your Start/Run box does not store anything else then you must have Autocomplete for Web Addresses unchecked.

  watchful 15:53 12 Feb 2003

No, my autocomplete under content tab is checked.

  hoverman 15:59 12 Feb 2003

I was under the impression that with Autocomplete for Web Addresses checked that any URLs typed in would be saved and would appear in the drop down box when you staarted typing. This would continue until you cleared your history. Am I wrong anyone??

  watchful 16:01 12 Feb 2003

Does this not just refer to URLs typed in the address box?

  watchful 16:16 12 Feb 2003

We could be at cross-purposes here hoverman. My IE address bar does store addresses in the drop-down menu which are easily deleted by clearing history.
I thought you were referring to addresses typed in the Start/Run box.
I must have misunderstood your meaning.

  hoverman 16:30 12 Feb 2003

I was referring to addresses typed into Start/Run box. I have just tried typing a different web address via Start/Run and it appears in the list until the History is cleared and the computer restarted. I think we are getting a bit involved here. I am not particularly looking for a solution since even Microsoft did not have a answer. I just wish to know anyone else has experienced this, and also the answer to my first sentence in the original thread. Thanks for trying anyway - much appreciated.

  hoverman 16:39 12 Feb 2003

My final comment. Is this peculiar to Windows XP? It never happened when I had Windows 95, 98 or ME.

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