IE6 Adverts!!!!!! & Screen settings.

  SusieWong 23:13 13 Sep 2003

Hello. My partner uses AOL 8 on his Dell 2400 and he is constantly plagued by ad's from MS IE6. We have been through the system and tried to find a block for this to no avail. We found out by doing this that IE is tied into AOL. I use the same system on my laptop and don't get any adverts. Can someone please tell us how to stop this?

Also whenever we shut his PC down it won't retain the screen settings. They always revert to the lowest quality. Any idea's what we are doing wrong.

Thanks. All help and advice much appreciated.

  VoG II 23:15 13 Sep 2003

If you mean Messenger Service pop-ups click here

  SusieWong 23:22 13 Sep 2003

Hello Vog

Thanks for that. Those are annoying as well and I'll use that link tomorrow. The one's I'm talking about actually come from IE6. If you are in the middle of doing something the egg timer comes up while IE loads and then the ad pops up. We had 14 in the space of 15 mins earlier today!!! Just marginally annoying.

  VoG II 23:26 13 Sep 2003

IE does not carry ads. I suspect that you've got some spyware on your system. Try Spybot click here

  SusieWong 23:31 13 Sep 2003

Hello Vog

Thanks for that I was beginning to slowly lose the will to live trying to sort this out. Due to the fact we can't use both computers at the same time I will try that tomorrow. Just out of interest how does this stuff get onto the PC in the first place?

And as a side line any ideas on the screen settings problem?

Thanks for everything.

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