IE6 - 2 users into same OE inbox possible?

  polymath 20:39 05 Oct 2003

When I used an older ver. of IE, I think I remember separate identities being optional (when adding an email address for my husband). It would be quicker for us to have both coming into my inbox. I read in a forum somewhere that I can't in OE6. Is that right?

Also, I've started again with an address for my husband (his first choice of name was taken). We're using the same password. It's set up at the ISP end, & I've sent a message OK from him to me. But he can't receive one from me; The error message says his password is invalid. Could I have somehow not told IE what it is?

Sorry this is a bit of a portmanteau question!

  polymath 20:42 05 Oct 2003

I intend to check with the ISP's helpline tomorrow, that I didn't misspell the password at their end!

  DieSse 20:46 05 Oct 2003

You don't need to have seperate identities. Just set up both email accounts in the one (main) identity. Why have two identities anyway, it just creates complications.

  polymath 20:58 05 Oct 2003

Yes I agree, DieSse - too fiddly in my case.

Thanks for your info - I'll try it.

I get confused by the word 'account'. I've been assuming it means my whole setup with each ISP (just 1 ISP in my case), rather than each email address.

  polymath 21:00 05 Oct 2003

Excuse me, have to go now - back here tomorrow evening.

  Ironman556 21:21 05 Oct 2003

Set all the mail to download into Outlook, I then create a new folder and call it somthing like "My inbox". Then go to the rules wizard and create one that delivers mail from a specific address/addresses into "My inbox", and set the rest to be delivered to the normal inbox.

Also if you want to be able to check mail on one PC, but have a copy on another you can create a rule to leave mail on the server on one machine, and leave the other set up to delete ther mail after download.

  polymath 20:04 06 Oct 2003

Thanks Ironman556. It's not quite what I want to do at the moment, but I'll be keeping your tips - they could be very useful later.

I haven't yet checked with Eircom that I typed in the password correctly at their end, as there's still stuff to do in Outlook Express anyway to add the 2nd email address so he can also receive mail; and that might solve it all.

I've removed the 2nd identity I set, so as not to confuse things, so there's now just 1 identity to try again from.

In Outlook Express (with my inbox up), I tried Tools-accounts-add-mail. In the 1st dialogue box, I deleted my name & typed in name no. 2. In the next box, the only way to delete my email address & type in address no. 2 was to enable signing up for a new account from Hotmail (the only thing in the drop-down menu; I couldn't clear it & substitute my ISP).

Where do I go from here? (The Help facility could only suggest the same thing).

Sorry if I'm being dim!

  DieSse 21:24 06 Oct 2003

"the only way to delete my email address & type in address no. 2 was to enable signing up for a new account from Hotmail"

I don't follow this - you just type in the second email address - nothing will (should) stop you doing this.

Then on to the next page, select "My incoming mail server is a POP3 server (or leave, if already selected) , and type in the server names - etc - etc.

In other words do exactly what you would do when setting up your first account.

I have 6 different ones, all set up the same way, which is perfectly normal.

  polymath 21:51 06 Oct 2003

Thanks DieSse. I was confused by the button 'I already have an email address I'd like to use'. I thought I'd have to disable it in order to delete my address & type address no. 2 in (and disabling it got into the signing up with Hotmail thing). But typing the new address in doesn't disable it, as I've just realised.

Is my logic at fault, or is that dialogue box a bit ambiguous?

Anyway, problem solved. Thanks, DieSse and everyone.

  polymath 21:55 06 Oct 2003

When I set up my own account to start with, it was with an older OE ver, & the settings stayed when I installed ver 6. I expect the dialogue boxes are a little different (I don't remember having this trouble then).

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