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IE11 won't open .mht files (created with IE11)

  Bazzaman 18:12 23 Oct 2016

I have a number of .mht files created some time ago (approx 2 years) with IE11 (.mht files are a specific IE format for saving a web page as a single file).

Now IE11 won't work with these files. IE just gives the message "Internet Explorer has stopped working".

But if I load the files onto an old XP machine (with IE7), they load absolutely fine.

I'm guessing that some (security) changes have been made to IE11 that have affected its workings.

I've googled for a solution / ideas, but no joy. Anyone here got any thoughts?

  Bazzaman 18:39 23 Oct 2016

Now this is REALLY weird.

I copied the .mht files onto a pen drive (which is how I tried them on the old XP/IE7 laptop). I then thought I'd better also try them out on another Win7/IE11 machine. So I plugged the pen drive into my Win7/IE11 laptop - no probs.

So back to my Win7/IE11 desktop (where I'd had the problem). Plugged the pen drive into that machine and opened .mht files in IE11 without issue. BUT, BUT, BUT trying to open the very same .mht files direct from the hard disk in that machine (and from where I'd copied the files to the pen drive) gives the IE11 error. So what the expletive deleted is happening????

  Bazzaman 18:48 23 Oct 2016

Weirder still......

Copying an .mht file to pretty much anywhere else on the hard disk (another partition or elsewhere on the partition it was on) works fine. But doesn't seem to like the path it was originally in. Nothing odd about the path at all as far as I can see - e.g.:


  Bazzaman 19:01 23 Oct 2016


In its original location the path PLUS the file name was too long for IE11 to handle.

WHY??? (he screams in complete and utter exasperation).

Other software seems to be quite happy to open files with just as long paths/filenames (I know as I've just tested it).

Time for Sunday dinner and a glass (well a bottle probably) of Chilean Shiraz.

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