Is I.E.10 worth installing on Windows 7 desktops

  Muergo 01:50 12 Nov 2012

Am I going to see any improvement by putting I.E. 10 on a Windows7 desktop or is it just for touchscreen laptops running W8

  Taff™ 07:01 12 Nov 2012

At the moment it is only compatible with W8 but a preview will be available for W7 later this month.

  Muergo 23:28 14 Nov 2012

I, too rely on Firefox, up to version 17 at the moment and it does have many useful add ons but now and then there are sites that are better or designed for Internet Explorer. I get a lot of trouble with IE9 which mainly is it switching itself off , that prompted me to ask if IE 10 was better but suited for desktops as well as touch screen tablets.

  Muergo 00:19 15 Nov 2012

Did you say it was W8 you didn't like, I've no intention of going that route, I only changed from good old XP because I had a new computer with it installed.

Who knows, W8 could be another Vista and I could find myself jumping to W9 however far behind that is.

I don't like touch screens at all, I have enough trouble with my Lumix Windows phone and the touch screen.

  Muergo 11:17 15 Nov 2012

So we can agree, I will stick to Windows 7 until Windows 9 comes along, by which time I shall be too demented to use it!!, but I will upgrade to I.E. 10.

  Muergo 11:30 15 Nov 2012

Since sending last message the following appeared on "Windows Secrets"

There are fourteen other updates to be downloaded unless you are on automatic.


MS12-071 (2761451)

IE 9 users get a cumulative security update

It’s not a Patch Tuesday without some sort of Internet Explorer update. This time around, the fix is for three newly reported vulnerabilities in IE 9 that could allow an attacker to acquire the same rights as the current user. It’s a good reminder that one of the top security best practices is to do your browsing in a standard-user account (not an admin-level account).

IE 9 is the only version of Internet Explorer impacted by this critical update.

For Windows 7 users who like testing new software, Microsoft just released a preview version of IE 10, the browser included with Windows 8 and RT. (Some of you might have forgotten that a Win7 version of IE 10 has been in the works.) You can get the preview at an MS Downloads page or a TechSpot site that includes Microsoft’s promo material. I plan to test drive IE 10 on Windows 7 Preview soon; Microsoft claims it’s faster and more secure, plus does a better job of displaying webpages than its predecessors.

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