IE won't save page

  Acceptanicknameplease 11:32 15 Apr 2004

I've undoubtedly made a configuration error, but I don't know what to change
to fix "This web page could not be saved" (XPh, XPp) or "This web page could
not be saved to the selected location" (98se). All PCs are running IE&OE v6
and fully patched from Windows Update.

I'm trying to save in the default (web page complete, htm, html) format, but
I tried saving in the alternative formats (Web archive, mht & HTML only,
htm, html) and receive the save message. I have not tried the only other
available format (text only), but this won't help even if it works as I need
more than just the text (links etc,).

The message does not always appear. Generally simpler pages save fine.
An example of a page that won't save is:
click here
- Other pages on the MS site save fine.

Have I switched off support for something I need?

At first I thought it was just a Windows 98 phenomenon, but it happens on XP
I am using a stateful inspection switch/firewall/router (& ADSL), but the 98 system
still exhibits the problem if I connect it directly to my line (ISDN). I have not
tried this (direct to ISDN) with the XP system - it is not so easy to do.
I searched the MS KB, but only found clearly irrelevant items or the 'save
it in an alternative format' solution (same solution set out in a different
manner in three places).
I have also lurked in MS newsgroups and in other places for a couple of months,
but have not seen any other references to this. I made a post recently in the main
IE group, but only had one response: "Reset to defaults" - not helpful because I don't want to reset to defaults (it took ages to achieve the current settings; following lots of advice; But I didn't keep a not of all the advice to replicate the current situation.).
I use Symantec products, but due to my hardware firewall etc. I have disabled much
of the Norton items (protect, firewall, email incoming scan) so as to avoid conflicts.

I strongly suspect that I've changed a setting in
IE-Tools-InternetOptions-Advanced or somewhere similar, but I don't have the
link between cause & effect. (Java? Frames? Anti-popup?)

Thanks for reading this and considering my problem.
Regards, an increasingly irritated,

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