IE window keeps popping up yet not my default!

  PC_HelpMe 18:32 09 Nov 2009

Hi all,

I use Firefox as my browser - but for the last few days keep getting an Internet Explorer browser window appearing even though I've not selected such to come up.

I've just copy and pasted below what appeared in the IE browser address bar - and it is referring to a different post that I have created here on PC Advisor (about Windows XP Service Pack 3 not installing).

click here

Do I have some sort of virus on my computer that keeps making an IE window appear? It is starting to really annoy me with keep popping up - especially when I don't use such!!!!

  birdface 19:49 09 Nov 2009

Update and run this [free] program.

click here

  birdface 19:50 09 Nov 2009

Anyone else about to help do not open Jayzee33 click here it's a very bad Site.

  PC_HelpMe 20:02 09 Nov 2009

Oooh heck buteman - I didn't realise I'd put a "click here" thingy on - I just copy and pasted what it said in the hope it helped you see what was happening - what is bad about it??????

  birdface 20:58 09 Nov 2009

A Squared jumped in to stop something from getting downloaded on to my computer And WOT jumped in at the same time telling me that it was a bad site.
I got out quick before I found out what A Squared had stopped.
Ok i think it was only a tracking cookie that A squared stopped.
It is recommended not to download anything from your click here as it was a bad site.
Have you gave Malwarebytes a try yet.

  ambra4 04:12 10 Nov 2009

You can stop IE from opening when a web site require that you use IE by doing the following in


Install the IE Tab ext in firefox

In the IE Tab ext options

Under the “General Setting Tab” Select all

Click the “Extension Application Tab” and change the “Extension Application Setting” by

browsing to the Firefox exe file (C:\Program Files\MozillaFirefox\firefox.exe)

Click “Content Menu” Select only “Switch Rendering Engine” & “Open In Ext App.

All other boxes to be un-ticked

Apply and OK

IE Tab 1.5.20090525 click here

In XP you also need to do the following

Click Start – Click on “Set Program Access and Default” Select “Custom” and click the twin

arrow head in the “Choose a Default Web Browser” select “Mozilla Firefox & tick

“Enable Access to this Browser” un-tick any boxes listed for IE

  PC_HelpMe 09:29 10 Nov 2009

Hi folks,

I downloaded Malwarebytes last night and firstly ran a quick scan - it found 22 things so I have removed them from my computer. I then decided to do a full scan which took a lot longer. That still managed to find an extra 4 things so I got rid of them too. I am now in the process of installing some Windows updates on to my laptop so won't get to use it until I go home this evening. I will know within about 5 minutes if the Malwarebytes software worked as the Windows IE page will either appear as if I've clicked on IE to use it - or it won't. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this software has worked. If it hasn't, I will try what ambra4 has advised me about.

Will keep you posted - and thanks again everyone.

  PC_HelpMe 20:10 10 Nov 2009

Hi again,

Dare I tempt fate and say that I think the Malwarebytes software has done the trick - I've not had the IE window popping up since - and I've been messing on my laptop now for at least 30 minutes. I will mark this topic as resolved now.

Thanks to all who took the time to help. Very much appreciated.

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