IE Window being reused?!

  Terrylr 21:29 10 Nov 2004

Hi all,

I have a problem whereby if I already have an IE window open then go to open a new one (by double clicking on the icon) instead of it opening an additonal window it reuses the first!

This is not related to the Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Resuse windows for shortcuts.

I'm not clicking on a shortcut! I'm opening a new window from the exe.

Using IE 6

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated

Thanking you in advance


  GaT7 23:00 10 Nov 2004

Terry, This of any help? click here.

Have you tried a 'tabbed' browser? You won't go back to IE. Here are a few popular ones with useful features not present in IE: Avant Browser click here, Firefox click here, Opera click here, Mozilla (Firefox's big brother) click here, Maxthon click here. G

  pharte 23:07 10 Nov 2004

go into your ie settings and tick the box that says "open in new window" and that should do the trick

  Terrylr 23:57 10 Nov 2004


Thank you for you help. That article on the KB is refering to opening a link in a new window. Not the problem I have unfortunately :(

Its the problem actually loading the application again - it never opens more that one IE window

  Terrylr 23:58 10 Nov 2004

Not sure what you mean? where is this box?

  curlylad 02:03 11 Nov 2004

Can you explain how to do your suggestion from the post at 23:07 please ?

  Djohn 03:27 11 Nov 2004

Through google I found many references to this same problem. The only common factor was Yahoo! toolbar. Removal of the toolbar from add/remove programs and any other reference to Yahoo! toolbar then a reboot solved the problem.

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