I.E website error reporting - disabling?

  Iiyama lover 11:54 21 Sep 2003

The last few months I sometimes get an error box from microsoft when surfing sites. The page in question will not load or partially loads.

I'm offered the choice to report the error or not report it and then my browser crashes back to homepage. I'm using IE six.

Is it possible to disable this annoying feature?

  MAJ 12:25 21 Sep 2003

To enable or disable error reporting
Open System in Control Panel.
On the Advanced tab, click Error Reporting.
Click Disable error reporting or Enable error reporting.

To open System, click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click System.
If you disable error reporting, you can still have Windows notify you when an error occurs. To do so, select the But notify me when critical errors occur check box.
To report operating system errors, select the Windows operating system check box.
To report program errors for programs, such as Microsoft Word, select the Programs check box.

  Iiyama lover 12:37 21 Sep 2003

Sorry but I have no advanced tab there!
From Control Panel I select 'System' and can then choose between General/Device man/Hardware profs/Performance.

But no 'advanced' tab!

  MAJ 12:44 21 Sep 2003

Which operating system are you using?

If you mean "script debugging", you can turn that off from IE > Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab and tick the box which says "Disable Script Debugging".

  Iiyama lover 12:56 21 Sep 2003

I think this is a bit different to script debugging, I have had that before but this always results in your webpage reverting to your homepage. you get an error message saying 'Internet Explorer has encountered a problem (we apologise for the inconvenience). Send Error Report/Don't Send'

Im using windows ME, the solution you mentioned is for XP?

There is also a solution 'out there' whereby you remove the item using add/remove in control panel but I don't have that either!!

  MAJ 13:56 21 Sep 2003

Yes, Iiyama Lover I was talking about XP, It seems it's not as simple for ME. I did see the Add/Remove option but that is for IE5.0-5.5. The solution for ME + IE6 seems to be a registry hack:

In Registry Editor (Regedit.exe), create a DWORD value called IEWatsonEnabled and set it to 0 in the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

If you don't know how to do that, post back for a more detailed explanation. Don't forget to backup the registry before editing it.

  Iiyama lover 14:56 21 Sep 2003

I have never played around with Reg or backed it up.

Is it possible to 'return' to IE 5.5 ?

  MAJ 15:17 21 Sep 2003

I wouldn't advise returning to IE5.5, it's got a few security holes in it. You might be able to though from Add/Remove programmes in Control Panel. Usually if you click to remove IE you will get the option to Remove, Repair or revert to a previous version. As I've never used ME, I don't know if those options are available in ME, but you could take a look.

If you want to try that solution I posted, go to Start > Run, type "regedit" (without the quotes), click OK and the Registry Editor will appear. Navigate by clicking on the little + signs to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

In the left-hand pane, click on that "Main" folder then go to File > Export a box will appear asking you for a place and a name to save the .reg file to, give it an apt name and export it to the desktop. That's that part of the registry backed up, if anything goes wrong all you have to do is double click that .reg file on your desktop to restore the registry to how it was.

Now that you have clicked on that "Main" folder, you will see it's contents in the right-hand pane. Right click on a blank part of that right-hand pane and choose New > DWORD value. It will appear ready to be named, name it IEWatsonEnabled (no spaces and exactly as shown here). The value should already be set to zero. Then go to File > Exit and exit the registry. Keep the .reg file somewhere safe for a day or two to make sure all is okay. See if that helps, Iiyama lover.

  Iiyama lover 15:47 21 Sep 2003

There is no 'file' section!

I only have registry/Edit/View/favs/help.

  MAJ 15:51 21 Sep 2003

Sorry, Iiyama lover, It'll be under Registry > Export. XP, which I'm using, is slightly different.

  Iiyama lover 16:08 21 Sep 2003

A lot of Bill's changes can be counter-productive can't they!?

anyway it's done, I assume if I want to get back to the registry the way it was before the change I click on the file I created?

Thank you very much for all your time. In a couple of days i'll click the resolved box all being well.

Do I need to restart?

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