IE update to Explorer 7 problems.

  smellideadskin 12:42 20 Dec 2006

I was requested, by a dialogue box, that an update for the IE browser was ready for me to upload, this was for Explorer 7. I did this, and was much impressed by the Add-ons, it's new chic look, and it's other great functions. But, when I started using it somehow effected my mouse, and I was left unable to click onto some Links, e.g. some links on emails, and on some websites.
I would like to install it again and use it all the time, I think it's cool. Question is, was it installed wrong or is there a basic error with it: it also effected links on my site, which I had built myself with Dreamweaver.

  anskyber 12:56 20 Dec 2006

There are some useful guidelines for IE7. After downloading but before you install disable your anti virus. Some Avs can affect installation.

If you have add ons like extra toolbars then its a good idea to get the latest versions from places like Google (if you use theirs) so they are IE7 compliant.

If you have difficulties initially then go to tools, internet options, advanced tab and click on the reset browser button. The effect is to disable add ons (amongst other things) and you can add them back in until you discover which one if any is non compliant.

I have two machines both running IE7 flawlessly. If ultimately you do not like it there are plenty here who will recommend Firefox or uninstalling IE7 to roll back to IE7.

  anskyber 13:00 20 Dec 2006

Your site with dreamweaver may have been constructed on the IE6 code and may therefore not work with IE7. The liklihood is it will not work for others on IE7 so as time goes on changes may need to be made with the site to become compliant.

This is a MS download for non compliant sites. click here

  anskyber 13:05 20 Dec 2006

Finally for updating Dreamweaver for IE7 here

  anskyber 13:07 20 Dec 2006

"uninstalling IE7 to roll back to IE72. Should of couse say to IE6.

  smellideadskin 13:46 20 Dec 2006

I installed it, as I usually do, by turning off TRS and Restarting in Selective Startup, also cleaning my disk, which should be standard practice, so why it should not install I don't know. Also, I didn't know about this effect with Dreamweaver, I do know it isn't, at least the version I have isn't IE 6 compatible, but this has never stopped viewers of my site before, even people using Firefox and other browsers - but I will look into it.

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