IE & System Restore

  highside 10:36 06 Nov 2008

Please help, Vista premium.
Sorry if it sounds like two questions in one but bit of a catch 22.
I did a reset of IE7 (due to a page error for one specific site) and the reset caused the loss of IE & toolbar.
IE still works and have set google as home page using tools but there is no IE toolbar.

So i tried a system restore but this will not work because it says "System Protection is turned off" when I select system restore.
System menu says there are no restore points even after I created one which was accepted. The box shows C drive with a tick which means it is on but I still get the message saying it is turned off.

  MAJ 10:38 06 Nov 2008

"IE still works and have set google as home page using tools but there is no IE toolbar."

Sounds like you are in full-screen mode, try preeing the F11 button on your keyboard.

  MAJ 10:40 06 Nov 2008

......try pressing the F11 button on your keyboard.

  highside 10:48 06 Nov 2008

MAJ thanks for reply - led me the right way to an embarrassing mistake.
Any thoughts on the restore problem now IE is 'fixed' please.

  MAJ 10:57 06 Nov 2008

I don't use Vista, highside, so going in to it any deeper is beyond me at the moment, but I'm sure someone with Vista will be along shortly to help you more. Glad you got IE sorted.

  highside 11:23 06 Nov 2008

Have resolved problem but baffled why it happened.
I noticed that there were no turn on ticks and no restore points in the protection menu.
Ticked the discs also created a new restore point.
Baffled where the ticks and other restore points went as have used restore before.
Thanks MAJ

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