I/E start up problem

  platters 13:50 15 Feb 2010

My Internet Explorer has started saying about 60%
of the time ( on auto start up ) ' your last browsing session closed unexpectedly - do you wish to restore the last session or go to the home page' I close I/E correctly and it has only just started doing it. It works o/k after I go to either restore last session or go to home page. Any advise on how to correct this problem so that it starts up correctly again and goes straight to the home page.

  johndrew 15:06 15 Feb 2010

Sounds as if you may have picked up a `nasty`.

I suggest you run your anti-malware software to check for any virus/spyware/trojan/etc. you may have picked up.

Make sure you update prior to running the scans.

If you do find malware you may be wise to turn off Restore, do a Restart, run your anti-malware software again and turn Restore on again.

After cleaning your PC you should create a Restore Point and run Ccleaner or similar to clean up the Registry.

If you still have problems post back.

  birdface 17:11 15 Feb 2010

I use W/7 and IE8 and get the same problem pretty regularly.
I just click on the red X in the box and I/E usually opens normally then.
No nasties on my computer but I have IE7pro add-On and not sure if it can be that or not.

There must be an easy way of removing it no doubt someone will be able to help.

  birdface 17:19 15 Feb 2010

Hi platters found this on Google and will give it a try it seemed to have worked for others.

Before going that route, try this easy FIX:
IE8 - Tools - Internet Options - Advanced - Browsing - uncheck the Crash Recovery feature.

  birdface 19:36 15 Feb 2010

Hi sorry i implied that it was not a nastie.
I would have gave the same advice as yourself but knowing i have no problems with nasties and have the same problem as platters i assumed it was an I/Explorer problem.
Since my last post I have not been bothered with the start up problem but that does not meen it is fixed.
I have restarted 3 times so far without getting the problem so will see what tomorrow brings and hope that it is gone for good.

  birdface 11:03 16 Feb 2010

Although that Google fix i gave you worked and after reading it could complicate things if you have problems on your computer.I decided to reverse it and I am back with the [your last browsing session closed unexpectedly]
I am sure there must be a fix out there somewhere but just not found it yet.
lots of folk on Google with the same problem.

  johndrew 11:42 16 Feb 2010

No problem.

There have been difficulties reported with IE8, but I always think that a scan - especially if it is possible to have picked up a `nasty` is not a bad thing.

However there is one potential solution on the MS forums that may help both of you if it`s not malware related click here and it is a known MS IE8 bug apparently click here

  birdface 12:14 16 Feb 2010

Thanks for the info.
I know one of the fixes work on your 1st click here but never tried the second one.
I am using windows7 just now and can put up with the problem.
It is just a bit of a nuisance.
But I will wait and see if I can find any solutions from Microsoft.

  Ventad 10:08 17 Feb 2010

I get this now and again about two months apart and when it gets too muchh I go to tools/internet options/advanced tab/ and down the bottom click RESET. then it is OK for about another 2 months

  platters 14:08 17 Feb 2010

Hi all.I run Malware and Anti-spy ware etc, no threat was detected and the problem remained.I even tried to down load I/E8 again but the problem remained. I resolved it by deleting I/E8 and putting on Firefox. It works well and is faster then I/E8. Thanks for all your advice.

  birdface 17:54 17 Feb 2010

Hi.tried that a fortnight ago and again today but still have the same problem.

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