IE slow to open web pages

  jfmfit2003 02:41 07 Mar 2005

Hi, I have win XP/sp2 and it takes up to 15 seconds to open each consecutive web page.
I have increased virtual mem' with no difference. I have 1Gb ddr.
Would be obliged for any help John.

  Pesala 09:23 07 Mar 2005

Have you tried an alterntive browser to see if the problem is just in IE? Did it happen only after installing SP2 or have you installed a Firewall?

  Yoda Knight 12:09 07 Mar 2005

U may want to have a look at the thread about Firefox that was posted about a week ago... with the changes in place it absolutely FLIES !!!!

  jfmfit2003 03:25 13 Mar 2005

Hello, it's John here, I asked for help on speeding my machine when going to web pages. I got my qrist slapped for replying by email. I want to say sorry to Pesala, and Yoda Knight.
Yoda, I thank you for replying to me and you were a help. As I said I dont want to use another browser yet anyway but, will remember what you said if my speed stays low.
I have a Wi-Fi connection so this may have something to do with my problem? Its wired at the moment so I dont think it would be the problem though.
I have a 500Kb line which I am increasing to 2Mb, that may help.
Thank for both your help, John.

  dogbreath1 11:03 13 Mar 2005

With a 500kB line and a properly working browser, you would be 'flying' now. Take the plunge. Install Firefox, enable 'Pipelining' (details posted on this forum) and be astonished at how quickly web pages are rendered. If you don't like Firefox, just uninstall it and reset IE to be your default browser. But I'm willing to bet you won't uninstall FF after you've tried it. It really is that good.

  jfmfit2003 11:38 13 Mar 2005

yes I expected my browser to 'fly' also.
I have plans to put the speed up to 2Mbs. The problem I have may be caused by my ISP. I dont know yet. It may also be caused by my hardwired 'wireless' Modem? I will be going fully wireless after I rearange my home.
I have not wanted to change to FF because of the troubles of possible virus'. I may well change my mind but I think I should be able to get my machine working properly as it is!
I have 1Gb of DDR Memory
Athlon 2800 CPU
+ an internal wireless 'Modem'.
With that as you say it should be flying.
I have not stopped trying for the extra speed though. But it made no difference when I got sp2 either. Nothing changed. I thought it would be perhaps slower but it was not.
Thanks for your help. I will be visiting the site regularly, Thanks again. John.

  dogbreath1 14:12 13 Mar 2005

....because of the troubles of possible virus.

click here

This hopefully means, at least for the foreseeable future, that Firefox is likely to remain more secure than Internet Explorer.

Check out the Privacy and Security reference and the link to USA Today ('Beware Of Spyware....').

If security is one of your main concerns, then you shouldn't be using Internet Explorer.

And, no, I'm not on commission!!!

  dogbreath1 14:13 13 Mar 2005

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