IE and slimbrowser not seeing connection

  Taw® 18:52 27 Aug 2004

I have the above plus Avant browser and all where working well. I have just downloaded Sun Java and restarted my computer. Avant browser is seeing the internet connection ok as I type this. But both IE and Slimbrowser give me page cannot be displayed check your connection etc. As i say I am connected and Avant lets me surf no problems any ideas?

  Taw® 19:31 27 Aug 2004


  Taw® 12:47 30 Aug 2004

Just to close this in case anyone else comes across the likes. I have ZA pro installed and after installing SP2 I thought I would stop ZA running at start up and try the microsoft built in firewall. I had ZA set so that when Explorer needed to use the net it had to ask. Anyhow even though ZA was closed down, for some reason it had locked Explorer from seeing the net. Started ZA give Explorer permission to see the net and everything is ok.

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