IE rant!

  DrScott 10:08 21 Feb 2006

I'm sorry but the way in which IE displays code is driving me insane!

I design a page in Dreamweaver and experiment with some html tags for, as an example, creating lists. Previewed in Opera they display just as DW does. However displayed in IE the spacing is that much bigger than in DW and so everything becomes misaligned.

Something about Opera just seems to be so much more straight forward - zooming: zooms everything, not just the text, for example. I know it's not all perfect (the p> tag puts a blank line before the start of the text block), but it's so much easier to design for than Explorer. Webpages in Opera seems to display as they were meant to be displayed - writing for IE involves just far to much tweaking!

I really really hope IE7 is easier!

Anyway rant over... feel much better now...

  Forum Editor 12:23 21 Feb 2006

but when all is said and done if you don't design for Internet Explorer you're excluding the major part of your potential audience.

The eternal debate about browsers and their respective market shares goes on, and I'm certainly not interested in splitting percentages here - suffice it to say that by and large the world prefers Internet Explorer at the moment, and you'll need to live with that.

  walesrob 12:38 21 Feb 2006

I have 7 websites on the go, and use Statcounter to gather info about which browsers visitors are using. IE comes out top easily - something like 85 - 90%, Firefox takes 8% and rest, Netscape (urgh!), Opera and Safari. Therefore I design sites that will work well in IE and Firefox.
Have you tried this great on-line utility called Dr HTML? click here
Run this tool on any of your pages and you get a breakdown of all errors, makes suggestions, and most important of all, if your site works in all known browsers.

  DrScott 12:56 21 Feb 2006

I've basically designed my site so it is optimised for IE (except for the zooming thing which is too much of a headache for me at the moment) - it's just so much more frustrating designing for IE!

Darn Microsoft and their market share!

Very interesting point about 'awareness curve'. If a site doesn't work on Opera I blame the rendering and try the site on IE. If it still doesn't work on IE I blame the site!

I'll try that link walesrob, though I'm fairly happy with the way things look now - but for future, having something tell me what needs to be done to make the site work in IE it'll be very useful!

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