IE problems with WIN 98SE

  palinka 22:07 19 Jul 2007

My sister has a problem that is making IE unusable. She can connect OK (OS is Win98SE; dial-up payg using Tiscali), but any attempt to move to a different page on a website produces an error message :
"I EXPLORE caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL 32.DLL at 0167: bpf7b9f5" (the bpf bit may not be correct – may be btf : I can't read my own writing!) and the only option is to click a close button which closes IE.
Her AVG is up to date, scans have shown nothing untoward; and she can't get A-squared or scan with Housecall because she can't get anywhere on IE.
Any advice, please?

  VoG II 22:19 19 Jul 2007
  skidzy 22:26 19 Jul 2007

Or download this to cd or flashdrive and here

Though i will add this,Tiscali seem to have a lot of issues at the moment.

  palinka 22:33 19 Jul 2007

thank you both; I'm very grateful.
I'll email that info to her.

  palinka 16:22 21 Jul 2007

I sent the first of the methods from at&t(involving accessing IE via Add/Remove programs) and she reports that there is no sign of IE anywhere in the list of programs!
Which is wierd, as she can certainly access the internet
So I've now sent the 2nd method(Start>Run> etc, etc ).
If that fails too I'll download the fix that skidzy suggests and send it to her on a CD-she's 200 miles away.

  palinka 16:26 21 Jul 2007

".....which is wierd, as she can certainly access the internet...." -
I left the sentence unfinished! should have gone on to say
"...because we did when I visited her last week; but the problems arose as soon as we wanted to move to another site or somewhere else on the same site"

  palinka 19:16 21 Jul 2007

2nd method failed, too, VoG™ - after Start> Run and entering the line of code sh reports that the "Repair Internet Explorer" option is greyed out.
Heyho, it's back to a disk and snailmail with skidzy's link, I think.

  woodchip 21:17 21 Jul 2007

This is what you do to repai IE in 98se. Go to Control Panel double click on Add Remove Programs, Double click on Microsoft Internet Explorer In the List, choose repair. I stoped using IE in 98se as it's broke more than it's mended. I use Netscape 7.2 on my 98se comp. It also as a good mail Program with Spell checker, You can download Suite from click here

  woodchip 21:18 21 Jul 2007

Click on the Windows Version if you do download it

  woodchip 21:24 21 Jul 2007

PS she probley is looking for internet explorer instead of Microsofte Internet Explorer in Add Remove. It's easy done

  palinka 08:45 22 Jul 2007

thanks for that woodchip; no, she read me the list of what she can see and MS IE wasn't in it.
Thanks for the suggestion about Netscape - I hadn't thought of going down that route but it could be the answer to the whole problem. I'll download it and send it to her.

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