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  Demora 00:33 04 Feb 2004


I had a lot of trouble with internet pages trying to load and pop ups etc. I tried everything and eventually after many upgrades of Ad aware and Spy bot etc I found something. In my logitech Keyboard folder was something called 'Backweb Lite' Now this little pest has been the culprit. Having removed it and all registry entries to it and making sure the keyboard still worked fine things are now running as they should be.

It just goes to show that software for things like keyboards can contain Adware.


  Diodorus Siculus 07:37 04 Feb 2004

Interesting - I'm keeping this for reference. Thank you.

  Demora 09:37 04 Feb 2004


Yes its interesting. I just browsed the cd that came with my keyboard and it has the usual folders. in the programs folder on the disk is a folder 'other' in this is also a folder '3_LDM' and in there yet another folder 'BW'

On istalling the software for the keyboard it will install something called logitech desktop MESSENGER and thats when the backweb lite gets loaded.

If I hadn't managed to re install the latest version of AdAware and then the update I may not have found this as soon, as nothing picked it up before.

Now I shall look at the contents of new istallations.


  canard 14:07 04 Feb 2004

I had an installation CD which gave me Timesink and what's worse if the adware was removed the kernel processor ran at 100% so it was imposs to run without the garbage. It is naughty to take customers' cash and then dump on them.

  Demora 15:42 04 Feb 2004

Yes and Now when I buy anything new I shall give files an extensive search. In my ignorance (then) I thought a keyboard software was just that. with extra software for cofiguring the extra keys. I have since browsed the mouseware disk and folder and the quickcam, These are innocent.


  tafoody 15:48 04 Feb 2004

maybe you should also read the EULA upon installation, im not saying it does mention it, but its probably there somewhere, and you agreed to it. click here

  Demora 16:18 04 Feb 2004

Oh believe me from now I shall make sure its read.

This was an OEM Keyboard (No fancy box and no books just keyboard and cd)

I know these things exist in shareware/freeware but its not something expected from a large company.


  tafoody 16:21 04 Feb 2004

click here you may be surprised to read which other large companies bundle it with their software.

  Demora 17:16 04 Feb 2004

Naughty stuff. BUT I've dont the checks and its gone. I've also emailed this info to my daughter in Germany.

Thanks eveyone.


  canard 17:43 04 Feb 2004

Maybe we should read the eula before installation........before we buy would be better!

  canard 17:43 04 Feb 2004

Maybe we should read the eula before installation........before we buy would be better!

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